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A fun, entertaining, and engaging GameCube title that's simple compared to the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 game play

There are certain parts of the Chibi-Robo unique adventure that are necessary to keep progressing toward the games main quest of reactivating Giga-Robo, a surprising short quest if you focus. It takes a lot more time to slow down and finish every extra quest involving the toys, frogs, aliens, and collectibles.

Basement: Plug yourself into Giga-Robo and short circuit, which will cause the Giga Battery to come loose. Once you’ve talked to Captain Plankbeard, use your Chibi-Blaster to shoot the Sunshine sticker holding up the dangling shelf. After this search around using Chibi-Vision to locate the Giga-Charger and ascend the wall to claim it.

Chibi-House: Make a visual assessment of the Giga-Charger. If you want to charge the Giga-Battery 1,000 kilowatts, just insert 1,000 Moolah, the Giga-Battery can hold up to 10,000 kilowatts. Once you have the Giga-Battery topped off to its maximum, run down stairs to the Basement with it and insert it in Giga-Robo.

Kitchen: Once Mom decides to secure the bedroom door and Dad starts his hamburger cooking routine in the Kitchen, converse with Dad and he’ll tell you his sad story of dropping his Wedding Ring in the sink drain. You can make a friend and some Happy Points by doing him a favor and jumping in the sink drain and retrieving it for him. Interesting that when you ask Dad about it again, he’ll say he doesn’t remember it. Just open your item menu and look at it to see the anniversary date "200667" engraved on the inside.

Head back down to the Basement and examine Giga-Robo’s right foot, look for an unseen control panel. Earlier you might have inserted the Giga-Battery, if you now punch in "200667", Giga-Robo will attempt to rise, but will be unable too, because his left leg is missing.

Backyard: Look for the bare spot in the Backyard and pluck the weeds and you’ll uncover a weird circular symbol. Come back at night, stand in the circle and use your Chibi-Radar, and a UFO will show up. The Chibi-Radar show up the night after you deliver Mom’s letter to Dad. The audible level of the aliens communications is so low, that you won’t be able to hear what their trying to tell you. The aliens will become frustrated and get in their ship and leave. Now head to the Chibi-PC and purchase the Alien Ear Chip so you can hear them next time.

Backyard Part 2: Go back outside to the circle in the bare patch in the Backyard again at night and call the aliens back and they’ll come again. Take them down to the Basement and show them Giga-Robo. The aliens will quickly check Giga-Robo over and then suddenly head back and leave. The next time you call them to see what’s happening and you’ll discover they have contracted a strange Earth disease. You need to grab your Squirter and cool their feverish little frames and then take them to their beds (blast them open with a charged blast from your Chibi-Blaster), and tuck them in. You’ll see a few colored panels displayed on the floor of the UFO. Stand on the colored panels located on the outside to illuminate them. Examine the middle to make the interior panels light up; as the lights move stop them so that the colors line up. Light all of the panels. A ship will appear, blast open the shield on the ship and then get in.

Bedroom (10 years in the past): Leave the Dog Bone in Tao’s dog dish, and then go over to the open suit case and you’ll see the password "2455". Don’t forget to grab the Circuit Schematic on the floor by the heart-patterned decoration. Now, it’s time to board the UFO again and head back to the future.


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Activating Giga-Robo

Bedroom: Head upstairs and slide the suitcase from its place beneath the bed. Input the password you found to open it and you’ll discover that Giga-Robo’s left leg is within. Should you attempt to grab Giga-Robo’s left leg from the suitcase be prepared to be attacked by a group of Spydorz determined to stop you.

Living Room: Converse with sad Dad again and hand him the Circuit Schematic and watch him go.

Foyer: Don’t leave the inside of the barrier until the timer finishes. Just equip the Drake Redcrest Mug and bide your time. The Spydorz can’t touch you (as long as you remember not to get pushed out of bounds).

Foyer, Part 2: Dad will upgrade your Chibi-Blaster after you give him the Circuit Schematic, now you can head back into the Foyer and eliminate 10 Spydorz. Hit each Spydorz several times to destroy them, they’ll turn green before breaking.

Living Room: You’ll find the family sitting around all stressed out. Walk over to them and the Queen Spydor will descend from the ceiling, flip the room on its head and trap you and Telly within.

Defeating Boss: Queen Spydor

Part 1: The Queen will cover herself in objects she has collected from around the house to act as her armor. Keep hitting her and the armor falls off. She will start spinning a web, stay on the move until she attempts to hit you with it and misses because you’re so fast.

Part 2: Now, go after the Queen and as she turns to face you shoot her, and then dodge to the right or left, until she gets frustrated and stops firing. Continue this process until she decides to give up. She will drop the Frog Ring and Giga-Robo’s left leg, don’t forget to grab them.

Basement: Now, head back downstairs to the Basement and Giga-Robo and help him out by putting his left leg back on. Finally, turn him back on by inputting the password "200667" into the control panel on his right foot.

Congratulations! You’re the champion of the main storyline. Grab a coffee and view all the credits as they roll past, and when they’re finished, you’ll become Super Chibi-Robo! Don’t touch the console after this part, the game will take you back to the regular game, and then you can save.

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