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    • Get Creative!
      Social games on sites such as Facebook are not only popular, they are letting users get creative, too. In this article, we look at several social games that allow gamers to explore their creative side while having fun at the same time.
    • Get Your Casual Gaming Fix on Your Smartphone
      Mobile phones are the perfect devices for casual games, you can dip in and out of something wherever you are and simple touch screen controls are accessible for everyone. This guide examines some of the best casual games around.
    • Coin ‘n Carry: Putting the GAME back into Social Games
      Social games are great, but the shallow game design and painfully repetitive grinds they so often rely upon HAVE TO GO! That was Frogdice’s mission statement when we set out to create our first social game: Coin ‘n Carry.
    • Celebrities Promoting Social Gaming – Good or Bad Use of Fame?
      Social networking and gaming are a popular way to play games on these sites. It is also a prime place for the players to be specifically targeted to in-your-face advertising that they may not even realize they are being brainwashed with. Do celebrities and companies misuse their fame with this?
    • The Top 5 Best Casual Games for the PC
      Check out this free and complete guide of the top 5 best casual games for the PC for value. Have you ever bought a game hoping for lots of fun and then beat it in 2-4 hours? Use this guide to find the casual games that give you the most game play for your money. Play for hours and hours!
    • Why Social Games Are The New Gaming Frontier
      A new form of gaming is taking hold of The Internet. No longer are gamers just playing traditional games such as MMOs online they are turning to social networking sites such as Facebook for their gaming needs.
    • The Top 5 Social Gaming Experiences of All Time
      Playing games with your friends can be some of the most fun you can have at a party, but sometimes you're not sure what games to play, and what games to pass. Here are your top five games to play with friends of all time.
    • Free Online Flash Games
      There are many different free online flash games on the internet, find out where to find these games and what free online flash games are fun to play!
    • Top 5 Best Casual Free Online Games
      Next time you want to kill some time, you'll know what to play.
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