Women's Murder Club: Death in Scarlet Game Guide - Investigation 1

Women's Murder Club: Death in Scarlet Game Guide - Investigation 1
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The game will begin with a comic strip, of a jogger doing his mile along the street, when incidentally he will discover the body of a dead woman. You will start off playing Detective Lindsay, who will ibe called to investigate the crime. Our first stop is the under the Golden Gate Bridge (Crime Scene).


To clear this area, you will need to find all the items listed in your notebook. Other items will be random except for certain key pieces, like: cigarette pack, cork, twig, lighter and a rotten apple. They will be the items for your puzzle in a while. Click on the rough patch of ground, that seems to be sparkling.


Use the five items and place them in their right holes, this should be easy enough. The lighter goes first, in the upper left corner, (we’ll do this clockwise) followed by the cigarette pack, the cork and the apple. Note that the apply is actually below the lighter leaving only one hole. Now use the twig to grab the crab, making it drop an important piece of evidence. (Diamond stud possibly belonging to the victim)

Now that just leaves the victim. Click on the body, and take a snapshot of the Chinese character on her chest. Examine her face and legs before you leave. Afterwards, head on out to the police station.

Police Station

Meet Sun Loong, he’s the cop that will tell you that character on the victim’s body means “unfaithful” Once you find all the items on you’re list, you’ll be talking to Claire, one of three characters that you will be using.

Playing As Claire

Head on off to the Crime Scene again.

Examine the victim’s face, chest and legs. That’s pretty basic, click on it and get information on what happened to the dead girl. However, when you click on her hand, you’ll be able to use forensic tools to get her fingerprints. First use the brush, to clear away the dust on her hand to reveal a tattoo of a lotus blossom. Now use the other tool and gather her fingerprints and then we’ll head on off to the lab.


Collect all the items to be able to do some lab work and determine cause of death. Once you’re done with that, click on the sparkling computer on the desk to do some work.

To identify the suspicious substance, you’ll have to put your chemicals in order first. This puzzle is random. Each bottle has specific locations as to where they shuld be place, follow the logic and you’ll be able to move past this. ** Note you can always choose to skip a puzzle**

Refer to the images below to see the bottles before and after they are solved to get a feel for the game. Afterwards, click one the first bottle - drag the eyedropper over to it and then on to the petri dish to determine what reactions the chemicals created. On the computer screen, there will be corresponding colors and reactions, tick off the proper ones to find out the cause of death. Do this with all the other bottles in orders to determine that the substance is Shen Dou Gen - a Chinese herb.

Puzzle Examples

Solved Puzzle

Substance Verifier

Filing the Missing Persons

Using Lindsay, go back to the Police Station and file a Victim ID Report. Click on the Computer to do this.

In your possession are the fingerprint sets from Claire. First, check the database for any missing person that fits your victim’s description.Do this by ticking off all corresponding facts, from the the report.

Determine that she’s female, Asian, in her 20’s, has black hair and brown eyes is 5'4 and is 120 pounds.

When you do,you’ll determine that no missing persons report was filed on the victim. Time to use your fingerprint sets! Drag the fingerprint report and begin scanning. Fingerprints analysis doesn’t give away anything either. For now she remains a Jane Doe.

Investigation 1 ends here.

Investigation 2

There’s another dead body,and its similar to your first Jane Doe. Is this a serial killer on the loose? Go to the Fishing Boat and check out what’s happened to your victim,


Again, find the items first before anything else. When you’re done, click on the tangled mess of rope for another puzzle. This time, you’re going to have to untangle them. Do this by clicking on the colored ropes that are free, until you finally clear them all away.

Once you clear the ropes you find evidence that she’s Jennie Kwong, a local news anchor from KNTV.

Now click on her face, legs and chest again to inspect the body. You’ll find another set of Chinese characters imprinted on her chest. Once you’re done, head on back to the Police Station

Using Claire


Once again, click on the face, chest and legs. Afterwards, use the magnifying glass to check on the stain on her pants. Use the small plastic to collect the stain and then head on back to the lab.


Same drill, find items first before clicking on the Computer for the forensic work. Now you’re looking for the type of the blood that you’ve gotten from the victim, following the first part, arrange the Bottles in order to be able to use the chemicals. (For Images refer to Part 1 in this series)

Once you’re done with the chemical orders, drag the eyedropper to the bottles then the petri dish to get a chemical reaction, log all the results on the computer. Results will show that the blood type is B- , Jennie’s blood type.

This time you’ll be doing the bottle exercise twice (yes a different one!) because there is another sample to test. Finish this and do the chemical reaction test to find that the mystery blood type is the rare AB+

Using Cindy

You’ll be able to use Cindy this time!

Go to the Coffee Shop to dig around for news on the dead anchor woman.


To be able to get some dirt on Jennie, Cindy needs to collect all the items on her list, so get searching! The tokens that you collect will be used to play the puzzle game for this area. They will be used to feed the machine on the counter which will start glowing as soon as you collect all the items on the list.

Insert a token, *one of 4 that you found* into the machine

Each token allows you to buy a letter, give you more clues as to what the common theme is for all the 6 items. Once you get the theme you win the game. The items are pretty easy to solves and doesn’t always require the use of all 4 tokens. If you think you know what the answer is then click Guess to solve the puzzle.

Dish in the Coffee Shop points you to Lin, Jennie’s husband.

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