A Complicated Turn of Events at the Women's Murder Club: Death in Scarlet (Walkthrough for Investigation 7)

A Complicated Turn of Events at the Women's Murder Club: Death in Scarlet (Walkthrough for Investigation 7)
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Investigation 7

Start off Investigation 7 by listening in on what happens at the Dragon Room. You find out that the girls are introduced to the men’s club and that their top graduate is Shin Lee, the girl you met at the orphanage.


Not much of an importance here, just find items and move on.


Ditto here.


You meet Amita, Dr. Yao’s girlfriend and she’s giving you permission to look around. Grab the cigar on the ashtray and collect it to get some DNA of Dr. Yao. Afterwards, collect the 21 pieces of paper for your next puzzle.

While searching you find out that Amita is close to Shin, the top graduate of the orphanage. Now click on the pile of torn paper on the desk to solve your puzzle.

Paper Puzzle

Seems easy enough, work it like a jigsaw and you should have something that looks like the image below. Rotate the pieces to place it properly remember if its correct, it locks in place.

Amita also tells you the name of Ruby’s patron - Raymond Woo.


New place, more clues. Collect 12 lighbulbs aside from the regular items (for the puzzle again) and the tissue to get Mr. Woo’s DNA.

Light Bulb Puzzle

Arrange the Light Bulb in the colors ranging from dark to light to reveal the key underneath. (Image found below)

Use the key to open the lock and read Ruby’s diary.

Lightbulb Puzzle

Clearing Things Up.

Its revealed that Mr. Woo was planning on getting another mistress and that she wasn’t threatened but in fact looking forward to it. Mr Woo tells us that Ruby may be a flirt but she’s a real lady. He asks for your help, but you don’t believe him - not yet.

Forensics Lab

Going back to Claire. Collect the petri dish, brown bottles and eyedropper again before getting a crack at the DNA. As per usual, arrange the bottle first before testing the reactions. You’ll be doing this twice.

Dr. Yao’s blood is O+ and Mr. Woo’s is O-.

This means Dr. Yao and Mr. Woo are both cleared of the murder.

That concludes this Investigation

Investigation 8

Lindsay approaches Amita who rebuffs her, after which she receives a disturbing phone call. Head on out to Qian Gal’s apartment to find out why.


Another body and this time its the man that was talking to Shin at the Society meeting. Same markings on the body are found. Look for some junk mail to take with you, cuff links belonging to the Society, and a disturbing email to a rival. Was he killed because of Shin?


The markings on the body of the victim mean “cheat”. Having known that, file a Victim ID Report after collecting items again. You’ve also been informed that a lead has been made on the poison that killed the victims.

Closer and Closer


Claire checks out the brand and the lividity of the victim, as well. Use the blacklight to spot the blood on the computer desk, click on the keyboard and use the black light. When you spot the blood, swab it, bag it and head back to the lab.


It’s time to do the autopsy report and check the mysterious substance. Checking will reveal that its the killer’s from a nosebleed (AB+)!

Relay all this to Lindsay and now it’s time to head back to Mr. Wong.

Heating Things Up


As usual, check the items off your list first. Then print out the fax message waiting by the desk asking about the murders. Mr. Wong will tell you that the society is planning to investigate on the crimes that occursed.


Make Cindy head out to the orphanage and talk to Shin. Seach for items again and locate 9 radiator parts for the next puzzle. Aside from that, check out a letter mailed to Shin by Amita.

Radiator Puzzle

Fix the radiator by affixing the right parts to it, to steam up the letter you found earlier. (Refer to Images below) If you notice, the parts are affixed by colors to them, link them all properly to get it working.

Reading the letter, you find that its from Anita reassuring Shin of what’s going to happen to her future. The Headmistress will bar Cindy from talking to Shin. In return, Lindsay, leaves a letter to Amita asking for her help, hopefully she listens!


Back at the apartment after finding the items that you need, you find that Mr. Woo was applying for a new mistress and it turns out to be Shin as well! With a bid of 50 Million he could easily have won!

Radiator Puzzle

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