Snooping Around in Women's Murder Club: Death in Scarlet Walkthrough (Investigation 5 )

Snooping Around in Women's Murder Club: Death in Scarlet Walkthrough (Investigation 5 )
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Investigation 5

The girls meet to discuss the case and they conclude that the two girls are tied together by the Orphanage and the secret society. Begin this investigation by going to the Fishing Boat Crime Scene and finding items on the list. Then head on out to Wong Ltd Real Estate.


Find all the items and when you’re done, click on the fax machine to see a fax waiting. Press the start button to receive the incoming fax to reveal the location of a shipping container. Donald Wong explains that the Black Drop Lotus Society is a men’s club not a secret society.

You’re done with this area so go on out to the orphanage.

Lotus Flower Orphanage

Aside from the regular items, look for the 12 zodiac signs scattered around the room. When you’re done with that, click on the paper posted on the wall revealing the week’s schedule. Note that there was a staff meeting from 10:30pm to 11:30pm providing everyone in the orphanage with an alibi for Ruby’s murder. Next click on the telephone and get the number for a Dr. Yao - he might know something. Finally, click on the strange book for the zodiac puzzle.

Zodiac Puzzle

Note that there are 12 spaces in the book, and 12 zodiac signs. This is pretty easy if you know your Chinese zodiac but if not, look to the images on the book and place the animal that relates most to the images there. The arrangement will be (clockwise) rat, cow, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog and pig.

See the images below for the finished puzzle.

Solving this reveals that the book is actually a registrar for the Orphanage.

Zodiac Puzzle

Solved Zodiac

The Shipping Container

An item of importance here is the key.

Checking outside the container reveals nothing of importance, the paper on the container says that the shipping container is for antiques, but Lindsay doubts that. The steel handle reveals its too think to even move it. No cyanide either but there’s something more sinister. Click on the controls for the lever, insert the key and press the red button. The crane will drop on the shipping container and you will hear a baby crying. Raid the place and end your investigation there.

Investigation 6


At the police station, click on the computer and look up the name of Dr. Yao. It will reveal too many names so try the phone number you found.(555-6720) This will tell you that Dr. Yao is a plastic surgeon, on call for the orphanage. Whoa..


The nurse will tell you that Dr. Yao is out and to come back in the afternoon. Snoop around a bit to get some clues. The appointment book is one of them, check it out to see that the Doctor’s appointment is in Spofford Alley. Check out the telephone by the reception desk and get the two numbers listed as Dr. Yao’s home.


Back at the precint, check out the numbers you got from the doctor’s office. Plug in the numbers to get the info. The first number (886-4601) is his home in Presidio with his wife. The second number (886-0148) is a two-bedroom apartment in Chinatown managed by the Blood Drop Lotus Society. Why does he have an apartment owned by the men’s club??

Snooping Around


Its Cindy’s turn so find your items and play the Common Theme Game again. This time you find out that Wing Fong Restaurant was once an opium den back in the days and that there are mazes of rooms under that place where secret things could still be going on.


Follow your reporter instincts and head on to Wing Fong Restaurant, pick up a flashlight, screwdriver and batteries - that’s always good when you’re snooping around. The registry says that Donald Wong reserves a room every Friday night and that there’s security involved. Maybe the secret society meets here…. Time to snoop around in the ducts, use the screwdriver to pry it open and enter the ducts.

Dark Maze Puzzle

It’s dark and its probably filled with dead ends, look around the place and get to the area where the Dragon Rooml is located, as well as an exit duct to make quick getaways. Head on straight from where you started and veer to the right, that’s the path to the back alley. From there, go up, turn right and keep going up - head on straight to your right and get to the Dragon Room.

This ends your investigation. Hooray!

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