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The Last Hurrah - Final Chapter Walkthrough for Women's Murder Club: Death in Scarlet

by: Marie ; edited by: M.S. Smith ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Finally its the last chapter of the PC game, Women's Murder Club: Death in Scarlet. Unravel the clues and find out what really happened. Hopefully you can catch the killer in time to put him behind bars with the help of this guide.

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    Investigation 9

    Amita hands over a letter to Lindsay from one of Shin's suitors, calling her Xiao Xin. Sun Loong, feels that he has a clue and promises Lindsay that he'll find out the following morning. Unfortunately he never gets to tell you as he gets murdered. Head out to his apartment now to find out why.


    Collect 12 photo pieces found in Sun Loong's apartment, while you check out how he died and figure out why. The marking on Sun's body says "traitor" and it seems he was killed with the same poison. Grab the photo pieces that you found and piece together an image from the past. (See Image below)

    The photo seems like it could Sun Loong and Judge Tso, but what is their connection?

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    Photo Jigsaw

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    The Missing Link


    Find the link between Judge Tso and Officer Loong by searching through archives of the Chronicles. Once again, arrange the microfiches first because you can conduct a search and read the article. (Images found below)

    When you do this, you'll find the that the date you're looking for is 2004. Plug the microfiche into the real and read the article! You find out that Judge Tso actually mentored Sun Loong and other promising Chinese students.


    Information in hand, you run to the Deadlines Coffee Shop for more clues. Once again, search for items, grab the token and find out what the common theme is to get your information.

    You find out that Judge Tso sponsored a lot of Chinese kids but is very conservative. The girls discuss the meeting and finds it plausbile that the Judge is the killer!

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    Microfiche Section

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    Curtain Call


    Get to Judge Tso's office and look for clues that will tie him to the murders. Check out his collection of books to affirm Judge Tso's conservativeness, use your evidence bag to collect the bloody tissue from Judge Tso's wastebasket and the cuff links from the Blood Drop Lotus Society. Now its time to solve the puzzle!

    Heart Puzzle

    This is a simpler variation of the slide puzzle. Just slide the tiles around to form a heart shape on the center of the box to solve it. (See images below)

    You'll find that the photo of the girl with Judge Tso when he was young resembles Shin.


    For the final test, determine Judge Tso's blood type by first arranging the chemicals and testing their reactions. Upon doing so you will find out that Judge Tso' blood type is the rare AB+! You got him! Judge Tso is the killer!

    You finally get the search warrant that you want and are ready to arrest the judge. Unfortunately, before you can do that, Judge Tso appears to have hung himself (or did he really?) Affixed to his chest is a piece of paper, saying "killer".

    Congratulations you just solved the mystery!

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    Memento of Love