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A Step Closer towards Cased Closed - Women's Murder Club: Death in Scarlet Walkthrough ( Parts 3&4)

by: Marie ; edited by: M.S. Smith ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

The 3rd and 4th Investigation game guide is finally out! Find out how to get past the tricky puzzles in the PC game, Women's MurderClub: Death in Scarlet with this walkthrough and uncover more twists in this baffling mystery!

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    Investigation 3

    Head on to the Golden Gate Bridge Crime Scene and look for more clues using Lindsay. Nothing important, just collect the necessary items and move on to a more imporant map.


    Upon reaching the home you find no one answering you, but further inspection finds that someone seems to be in the garden!

    Rose Garden Puzzle

    Mr. Ang, Jennie's father seems to be in no mood to talk. Find a way to head him off to the middle of the garden by closing all the gates and forcing him there! Check out the images below for a screenshot.

    Upon cornering him, Mr. Ang tells you that Lin had nothing to do with Jennie's death and that she seems to be spoiled by America. He looked like he was afraid of something, who or what could be the reason behind it?

    One your way out, check out the rose bushes and get a sample of blood from Mr. Ang to give to Claire. Doing so, will start a new puzzle.

    Bug Puzzle

    Transfer all the red bugs onto the orange leaf and watch it fall, leaving a clube behind (blood). Collect it and switch places with Claire again to determine if Mr. Ang has had something to do with his daughter's death.

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    Using Claire


    It's time for you to find out what blood type Mr. Ang has. By now, I'm sure you're quite familiar with how this puzzle work. Ascertain the logic behind the bottles to solve this puzzle. Then using the eyedropper and chemicals, find out what reaction is created to determine what the blood type is.

    The only difference is that this time, the puzzle seems to be numbers instead of letters and that there are equations indicated in each bottle!

    Finishing the lab test reveals that Mr. Ang's blood type is O, not similar to the killer's.

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    Reports with Cindy

    Cindy who work's at the Chronicle's Office will be helping you out to find out who the mystery Mr. Ang is.

    Help her locate all the items in the list before moving on to the puzzle.

    Archive Puzzles

    How good are your organizing skills? I ask because it's essential in this next puzzle. Group all the microfiche according to Category and Color to find out who the mystery judge is.

    Remember: Rows are Colors and Columns are Categories ladies and gentlemen!

    Once the microfiches are locked into place, the Computer screen will show a search area and you're now to free to conduct your investigative research.

    So what do you put in? Try the words, Judge and Kwong on either search areas and see what you can find. Search result will reveal a year, find the year on the microfiches that you've arrange and plop them on the reel to link Judge Chen Tso to Jennie Kwong.

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    Judging Things

    Jump back to sleuthing using Detective and head to Judge Chen Tso's office.

    Find all the items indicated in the list to finally reveal a major lead in the case!

    Judge Chen Tso claims to have given the deceased some advice before she died about a secret society and letting sleeping dragons lie.. Intriguing! Wanna know more? Keep playing and keep checking out this guide for help!

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    Investigation 4

    The first thing you're going to have to do is go to Lin Kwong's Office. You'll be informed by the secretary that Lin is in Beijing but offered the use of his office for the investigation. As usual begin with finding the items on the list, of particular importance are the 9 parts of a round puzzle. They're scattered around the office, and once you find them, we can work on the puzzle together. Aside from this, certain items around the room will be taken for inventory like the pencil. When you're done, click on the cabinet drawer and collect a sample of Lin's blood. Use the cotton tip to collect the blood. Then click the open box found to your left side, it will be sparklng so it's easy to find.

    Box Puzzle

    Using the pieces you collected, place them all in order to unlock the puzzle box. Put the tokens on all four sides, and the rings in the center. The rings will lock in quickly as they're arranged by size, rotate them to form the image of a dragon. The tokens will be placed accoring to how their eyes and the indentations on the boxes are matched rotate them too, to see them lock in place.

    Solving this puzzle will reveal a pair of cuff links, pushing you further into the depths of a secret society.

    Afterwards, click on the open calender on Lin's desk - confirm the flight plan made by Lin. Now turn the page and using the pencil you picked up, decipher the messager left behind. Roll the pencil around the top part to reveal a meeting with a certain Donald Wong at 12:30 on August 29.

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    Box Puzzle Image

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    On the Trail


    You pretty much know the drill by now. Arrange the chemicals in order, use the eyedropper and get the blood type. When you're done it will reveal that Lin Kwong's blood type is B+, not the killer's.

    Relaying this information to Lindsay confirms that Lin was out of town during the murders, however, it doesn't prevent him from hiring someone to kill his wife.


    Same drill, grab the items plug the microfiches (image found below) and search for Donald Wong. The article will reveal that he's a billionaire who doesn't give much to charities. Cindy thinks he's part of the secret society. But head on out to Deadlines to get more dirt.


    After collecting all the items and finishing the Common Theme Game (again, collect all tokens first, guess the common theme for all the items to get the dish on Wong). Mason Rich, your informant will say that Wong is a major sponsor of the Lotus Flower Orphanage. Head on out there to find out what you can about the place.

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    Microfiche Image

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    Lotus Flower Orphanage

    Find the items on your list and when you're done, click on the box by the desk to your left.

    Figurine Puzzle

    Arrange the glass figurines in order to reveal your clue. You have to arrange the figurines so that they're all touching hands. This is a random puzzle, but here's how mine looked like.

    When you're done, a light will shine in the room on the painting on the wall, click on it to find out what it is. Take a picture of it, and note that its similar to Lin's cufflinks. Afterwards, take your polaroid of the murdered girl and place it where the shimmering picture on the wall is. Image reveals that the Jane Doe is Ruby Moy.

    Head Mistress Chang explains that the orphanage only accepts Chinese orphans and teaches them traditional stuff.

    Your Investigation ends here.

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    Figurine Puzzle

    Unsolved FigurinesSolved Figurines