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Kingdoms Live: Tips for Beginners

by: Shane Burley ; edited by: DaniellaNicole ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Here are some quick and easy tips for newcomers to the free iPhone RPG Kingdoms Live.

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    If you're no longer a beginner in the game and need some extra help, check out the Code Booster for Kingdoms Live or see what iCodes can offer you. Need more recruits for your Army? Read up how to add friends to your Army along with some tips to help you find and recruit members.

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    The Knights Templar

    Kingdoms Live is a free iPhone RPG that requires you to plan and fight thoughtfully so that you can stand up against other Kingdoms Live players on the network. Without setting up your account right from the beginning you leave yourself open to constant attack and a weak character once you get to upper levels. Here are a few tips to help you jump-start your Kingdoms Live player right from the beginning.

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    Land Over Quests

    The first, and most important, thing to remember in Kingdoms Live is true of all text-based iPhone RPGs.

    Instead of leaving your main financial source Quests you need to shift to Land as quickly as possible. The main reason for this is that you want to hold off leveling up as much as possible. Instead of leveling up on a regular basis it is best to increase your Land and Armory reserves as much as possible on any given level and then level up when you have the financial position to begin acquiring and using more expensive properties and weapons. This will put you at the top of the ranks at your current Kingdoms Live level. To do this you need to begin performing the highest financial returning Quests that you possibly can right from the beginning. Get whatever weapons are necessary to perform these Quests and then save all the money you get. Do not purchase any more weapons from the Armory than or required for said Quests and instead put all of this money into Land. Once you get a nice cyclical return you should stop performing Quests immediately and then maintain patience until you end up seeing larger amounts of money in your account.

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    Army Codes

    You are going to need to add people to your Army right away and if you can do this within your first few plays then you will be on target. Without a large number you are not going to be able to perform upper level Quests or engage the elite in battle. You can do this most effectively by getting your Army Code out there on as many platforms as possible. Social networking sites and message boards are very effective for this. 14P322.

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    Kingdoms Live offers a number of novelty items and weapons through promotional offers. As long as your iPhone memory is not too filled up you should try and download all of these in an effort to get these free items. This should really only be done in your first few levels as later levels will require you to only use the strongest weapons available because of limited slots for use.