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Kingdoms Live Tips: Checking on Updates Internally

by: Shane Burley ; edited by: DaniellaNicole ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Here are tips on how to check on Kingdoms Live updates from within the game.

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    Storm8 Release Party

    Storm8 is in excess of being prolific when it comes to updates for its MMO text-based iPhone RPGs. Its offers of cheat points and complete design overhauls is meant to draw in players from the outside, but even more to enforce continued playing from those who are dabbling in the genre. For each of Storm8's titles you will notice a software piece on the top gaming downloads at the App Store on an almost weekly basis. The large influx from the mother ship can be enough to confuse an overwhelm players, especially if they have their hands in more than one Storm8 game.

    If you are a Kingdoms Live player you may find it even easier to check on Kingdoms Live updates and free Legends Points from within the game itself. Here is a method for checking on updates from inside Kingdoms Live.

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    Kingdoms Live updates

    When you are inside the main Kingdoms Live Home screen go ahead and select Updates, which is in the right hand column directly under Help / FAQ and above Settings. This will give you a page of Kingdoms Live Game Updates in blog form. Each piece of news will appear in a little paragraph with the appropriate date to the left. The news will tell you about minor Kingdoms Live updates that have occurred, such as minor changes in screens and options. Some of these Kingdoms Live update announcements will come with updates to what was changed so you can see intimately. This may be the best location to see exactly what has changed with Kingdoms Live and to find out when new options are made available that you may not even have thought of.

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    Character Transfer

    There will often be announcements that tell you that you are able to transfer characters and there will be a link. When you select said link you will be taken to a character transfer screen where you can indicate if you are on the new device or the old device. To transfer your Kingdoms Live character in this you will create a Storm8 username and password, then you log into your Storm8 account on the new device. After that, you will select transfer and then be complete with the Kingdoms Live transfer process.

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    Check the App Store

    To really take advantage of the Kingdoms Live update center, and to look for free Legend Points, you need to check this on a regular basis. To be really comprehensive you are still going to need to consistently check the iTunes' App Store, especially since the Kingdoms Live update page does not always list free Legend Points packages.