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Guide to Using Legend Points in Kingdoms Live

by: Shane Burley ; edited by: DaniellaNicole ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Here are tips for how to buy Legend Points, spend them and get them for free.

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    Inside the Storm

    Kingdoms Live is now touting itself as one of the most popular MMO text-based iPhone RPGs available from the Storm8 library with a stated number of players at over 1.5 million. One of the main reasons for this is the constant release of free Legend Points packages that keep being released to keep people playing Kingdoms Live. These Kingdoms Live Legend Points are used to cheat throughout this free iPhone and are available for purchase and use just as all cheat points in Storm8 games. Here is a guide and set of tips for Kingdoms Live Legend Points.

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    Buying Legend Points from iTunes

    If you want to buy and download Kingdoms Live Legend Points you can easily do this either in Kingdoms Live or on the iTunes’ App Store. There are also several free Legend Points packages available for Kingdoms Live, and you can simply use a Power Search to find more complete Kingdoms Live Legend Points packages that you can buy.

    When you do buy these Legend Points from the App Store you simply go through the process that you would when buying any iPhone application. Once it downloads just sync your iPhone to iTunes to get it on there and then open it when it is on your iPhone desktop. When you open the Kingdoms Live Legend Points they will automatically be added to your Kingdoms Live account.

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    Purchasing, Free Falcon Sword, and Free Legend Points

    This Legend Points purchase process is just as easy when you are actually in Kingdoms Live. When you are at the normal Kingdoms Live Home screen go to Ancients, which is in the left hand column directly under Land and above Vault. When you are in the Vault you will see at the top how many Kingdoms Live Prestige Points you have, which will also have been listed on the Vault button in the Kingdoms Live Home page. Below that will be a series of things you can buy for specified amounts of Kingdoms Live Legend Points. Go below that and you will see several offers for Kingdoms Live. These include a free Falcon Sword that you can be given for downloading and installing iMobsters 10 Favor Points.

    The free Falcon Sword for Kingdoms Live is a nice addition and you should try to include this. Do not let the free Falcon Sword make you start playing iMobsters if you are not already, but if you do make sure to do this before the free offer disappears. This free Falcon Sword is just another example of why playing all of Storm8’s titles together is a great tip to keep in mind. Below the free Falcon Sword will be an offer for twenty free Legend Points, which again is gained by installing Zombies Live 20 Loyalty. Make sure to take advantage of these free Legend Points while they are still available.

    There is also a free Legend Points package below this for installing World War 40 Honor, and this should be the first Kingdoms Live priority. These are simply on top of the two other free Legend Points packages still available for downloading updates for Vampires Live and Rockstars Live. Currently, there are well over a hundred free Legend Points packages available for Kingdoms Live, which is a great way to get your account started.

    After all of the free Legend Points offers are listed will be areas to buy Kingdoms Live Legend Points. Here you will see Kingdoms Live Legend Points packages in increments of 80, 140, and 300. When you hit the Buy It Now button to the right of these Kingdoms Live Legend Points packages you will be taken to that package’s App Store page. From here you just buy, download, and install it as you did from iTunes.

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    Kingdoms Live Tips

    When you are using your Kingdoms Live Legend Points you have to be frugal whether they were free or not. The first place your Legend Points should go is toward gold because you want to find ways to accrue gold without leveling up. After this adding Army members is a good idea, but do not go too overboard on this. Refilling your energy is good once your Kingdoms Live account is more advanced.