Kingdoms Live: Adding People to Your Army

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Stocking Up

Kingdoms Live has many of the same elements that other games in the Live series do, such as Undead Live or Mafia Live. One of the main aspects of Kingdoms Live is to add other people to your group so that you are eligible to perform certain quests and have strength in battle against other Kingdoms Live players. The way this is done is unique yet simple enough to use to your advantage.


When you are at any Kingdoms Live display you simply go to the very bottom task bar and select Recruit, which is at the far right side. Here you will be brought to a screen where your Army Code will be listed at the top. Below this is a place where you can enter other Kingdoms Live players’ Army Codes if you would like to add them. Simply put their code into the text box and hit the Invite button. An invite will be sent to them and if they accept they will be added to your Army.


Directly below the Army Code box is the Invite Using Contacts option. Here you can go through your Contacts list and send invites to other people that have an iPhone. This is not a viable option for most people as the majority of your contacts will not have an iPhone and an even smaller number will become Kingdoms Live players from your suggestion.

Army Codes

The best way to get large numbers in your Kingdoms Live army is by posting your Army Code online, searching for others’ Army Codes, and using similar web tools. Most of the free iPhone RPGs that use a code system for adding people have web board representation where players post their codes in long lists. It is a good idea to accept all invitations that you receive. My code is 14P332.

My Army

If you want to see who is in your army you can do this two ways. In the Recruit display you can select the My Army tab located behind the main Recruit display. If you are at the main Home display in Kingdoms Live you can also select My Army from the button options on the upper right hand side.

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