Gaining Castle Age Friends, Accepting Gifts, and Understanding the PVP Battle System

Gaining Castle Age Friends, Accepting Gifts, and Understanding the PVP Battle System
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Tips About Adding Castle Age Friends To Your Army and Elite Guard

One of the most confusing things about the Facebook game Castle Age is how to add friends to your army. There are actually three separate places that friends can appear in Castle Age: in the Home link, in the View Army tab under the Army link, and in the Elite Guard tab under the Keep link. In all cases, you add them by sending a Facebook invitation request which they must accept - but what happens after they accept is different depending on which of the three places you requested from.

Army members that you’ve added through the Home link will be displayed in the bar there, and also be listed in the Army link. Army members that you’ve added through the Army link will not also be in the Home link. This allows you to keep track of your closest friends if you have an army size of hundreds of strangers. (Many players with large armies are gaining Castle Age friends by posting “add me” in the forums.)

Your Elite Guard provides extra bonuses during certain quests, random encounters during quests, and certain monster battles. However, they only last for 24 hours before you must send new Facebook requests to add them again. They can be very helpful if you have a core group of friends who play every day and don’t mind accepting the requests every day.

Aside from adding to your army size which helps in battles with other players, friends in Castle Age are most useful for the gifts they send. Gifts appear as a Facebook request, and you accept gifts into Castle Age (or any other game with gifts) by accepting the request from Facebook. Nearly all alchemy ingredients come from gifts.

Tips About Battles With Other Players

There are two types of battles against other players. In an invasion, every member of your army fights with one soldier, one weapon, one other equipment (armor, shield, helmet, etc.), and one magic power, and for every five members you get one hero. This should be familiar to players of other games with the same template, like Mafia Wars, Yakuza Lords, Vampire Wars, etc.

Castle Age Picture of Battle Ranks and Title Tiers

There is also duel, which matches you up one on one with your opponent, using your current active general, best weapon, best shield or second weapon, best helmet, best armor, best amulet, best magic spell, and best gloves. This is a better fight option if your equipment is outstanding but your army is small.

Battles in Castle Age come with a ranking system based on battle points. You gain and lose battle points by winning and losing battles. Battle points are used to give you a rank and title, and also to unlock powerful items. These appear under the Town link, where you can buy them as long as you have at least the minimum number of battle points (if you lose points to below the minimum, you stop being able to buy the item).

Group Battles With Castle Age Monsters

Of the Castle Age tips, it is important to remember that all of the Castle Age monsters work the same way. You (or someone else) summons one by combining alchemy ingredients at the Alchemy tab under the Keep link. For the quest bosses, the only ingredient you need is a summoning orb, which drops when you do the boss quest. For example, the Colossus of Terra is the end quest boss of the Land of Earth. It unlocks after you’ve mastered four out of five Land of Earth quests. When you click the Quest button, you get a colossal orb, which you can use to summon the Colossus of Terra.

Other monsters take several alchemy ingredients to summon and usually several people to defeat. The ingredients mostly come as Facebook gift requests, though sometimes they are loot drops from other monster battles.

Castle Age Picture of the Colossus of Terra

Once summoned, the monster has a health bar and a timer. You must bring the health bar down to zero before the timer runs out. For some monsters, there is a second bar for your health, or a shield bar for the monster that must be brought down before you can bring down the health bar.

To attack, you spend stamina. For some monsters, you spend energy to defend your own health or remove the monster’s defenses. You can also Call To Arms - which announces the battle on your Facebook wall and asks others to help (though the basic quest monsters are not that difficult to defeat on your own). Everyone who helps above a certain minimum will get a share of the loot. For example, everyone who helps defeat the Colossus of Terra has a chance of receiving colossal swords, axes, and armor.

Tips About Playing in Monster Battles

Castle Age Picture of the Volcanic Dragon Bahamut

Unlike in Hammerfall RPG, another fantasy-themed game on Facebook, in Castle Age you can leave the monster battle at any time to do other things, like heal damage from the monster or work on other quests while waiting for your stamina to recharge. You can even take part in several monster battles at the same time by answering Call To Arms requests. All of your active monsters are listed in the Keep link, Monster tab at the far right. If you have a Monster link, it’s just a shortcut to the same tab in Keep.

Epic monster battles are a lot of fun when dozens of other players are helping. It’s also an easy way to gain a lot of experience points and level up your heroes. However, be careful that you don’t waste too much energy, stamina, and levels on monsters with no victory and thus no loot.

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