How to Get More Energy on Treasure Isle – Level Up Faster in Treasure Isle on Facebook

How to Get More Energy on Treasure Isle – Level Up Faster in Treasure Isle on Facebook
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Finding Energy on Treasure Isle

In order to explore islands and search for treasure in Treasure Isle, you need energy. So, it can be pretty frustrating when you run out of energy and you’re sitting around waiting for your energy bar to refill. However, there are some ways that you can get more energy, without spending any Treasure Isle cash, so you can keep exploring and get your next level.

Fruit and Where to Get it

Plant Fruit to Harvest

The quickest and easiest way to get more energy in Treasure Isle is to use fruit. You can obtain fruit in different ways:

  • It’s possible to find random fruit when exploring a square on an island.

  • You can receive fruit as gifts.

  • If you run out of fruit, you can send out a fruit request and hope that your kind Treasure Isle friends will respond.

  • You can also grow fruit on your home island. Various types of fruit take different amounts of time to grow, so make sure you return to the game in time to harvest after planting.

No matter how you receive fruit, it will always be stored in the same place – in your backpack. At any time, you can click on your backpack icon in the lower right corner of your game screen to see how much fruit you have and when it will expire.

Which Fruit Gives the Most Energy?

There are several types of fruit that you can dig up, grow, or receive as gifts on Treasure Isle. Once you receive the fruit, it will be stored in your backpack until you use it or it expires. Different types of fruit will give you different amounts of energy:

  • Raspberry – 5 energy
  • Kiwi – 5 energy
  • Banana – 10 energy
  • Strawberry – 10 energy
  • Mango – 15 energy
  • Watermelon – 20 energy
  • Coconut – 20 energy
  • Pineapple – 25 energy

Energy Packs

Request Energy Pack

Whereas each piece of fruit will only give you a fixed amount of energy, you can use an energy pack to completely refill your energy bar. Since they do give you a full refill, it’s best to save these items until you’re completely out of energy in order to maximize their effectiveness.

Since energy packs are a lot more powerful than fruit, they’re also a lot harder to obtain. You can request an energy pack (see screenshot) and a note will be placed on your Facebook feed asking your friends to send you one. The first person who responds by clicking on the link in the feed will be able to send you an energy pack. However, you can only receive one energy pack a day so make sure to use it wisely.

If you have a lot of Treasure Isle cash, you can buy energy packs in the store that is accessible from your home island. This is a pretty expensive way to get these items, though, since energy packs cost 10 cash.

Energy Refill When Leveling Up

Each time you gain a new level, your energy bar will completely refill. So, if you’re only a few XP away from your next level, you may be able to squeeze that level out by performing actions that don’t require energy. For more information on this, please see our Treasure Island Strategy Guide.

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