Pokemon Black and White Striaton City Gym Guide

Pokemon Black and White Striaton City Gym Guide – The Gym

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Striaton City Gym is a quaint little operation with a trendy coffee shop theme. Inside there will be a bespectacled man who will give you a Fresh Water item which can heal your Pokemon for 50 HP. This will definitely come in handy during the Gym Leader battle ahead.

To traverse the Gym floor you must complete a series of simple puzzles. These puzzles test your knowledge of Pokemon type effectiveness and resistances. You'll be presented with a symbol of a Pokemon type, like Fire, and then you must step on the floor tile symbol that is effective against that type. Water is effective against Fire type, Fire is effective against Grass type, and Grass is effective against Water type.

Along the way you'll have the opportunity to battle a couple of trainers: Waiter Maxwell and Waitress Tia. Maxwell only has a level 11 Lillipup to contend with, while Tia has both a level 10 Patrat and level 10 Purrloin. Neither trainer poses a serious threat, so definitely battle them both for easy experience points and cash.

Pokemon Black and White Striaton City Gym Guide – Gym Leader

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Most Gyms in Unova have only one resident Gym Leader, but Striaton City Gym is unique in that it has three possible Gym Leaders to combat. Who you fight is determined by your selection of starter Pokemon at the beginning of the adventure. You'll be put to the test by battling a Leader that controls a Pokemon that is super effective against your starter Pokemon type.

All three Gym Leaders start the battle with a level 12 Lillipup. This particular Lillipup has a special move that other Lillipups do not: Work Up. Work Up increases a Pokemon's Attack and Special Attack by one stage. You'll want to cause the Lillipup to faint as soon as possible, for if he gets a chance to use Work Up multiple times his attacks will become devastatingly powerful.

If your starter Pokemon is Oshawott, you'll fight Gym Leader Cilan. Cilan's second Pokemon is a level 14 Pansage. Pansage is a Grass type Pokemon, and his Vine Whip attack will decimate your Oshawott. It is highly recommended that you switch out Oshawott for an alternate Pokemon once Pansage enters the fray.

If your starter Pokemon is Snivy, you'll battle Gym Leader Chili. Chili's second Pokemon is a level 14 Pansear. Pansear is Fire type, and his Incinerate move is super effective against your Snivy. Switch out Snivy for a secondary Pokemon if possible when fighting Pansear.

If your starter Pokemon is Tepig, you'll fight Gym Leader Cress. Cress' second Pokemon is a level 14 Panpour. Panpour is Water type, and his Water Gun attack is deadly against Tepig. Tag out Tepig for an alternate Pokemon on your roster if you can.

All three Leaders have a Potion in their inventory that they can use to heal their Pokemon.

Pokemon Black and White Striaton City Gym Guide – Reward

Once victorious you will be awarded the Trio Badge. You'll also be given TM83, a Technical Machine that can teach your own Pokemon the Work Up attack. Finally, once you exit Striaton City Gym, you'll meet with Professor Juniper's assistant. She will grant you HM01, the Hidden Machine that will teach your Pokemon the invaluable Cut maneuver. Cut can be used outside of combat to chop down trees that block your path, opening up tons of new areas for exploration.

All screenshots/references from Nintendo's Pokemon Black and White and author's own experience.

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