Pokemon Black and White Castelia City Gym Guide

Pokemon Black and White Castelia City Gym Guide
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Pokemon Black and White Castelia City Gym Guide - The Gym

Just like in the previous two Gyms, your buddy Clyde will give you some Fresh Water when you speak to him at the front of the Castelia City Gym. Fresh Water is a recovery item that heals your Pokemon for 50 points of damage.

The interior design of this Gym definitely gives away the Gym’s specialty. Castelia City Gym focuses on Bug type Pokemon, and the inside of the building resembles a gigantic beehive, complete with thick walls of gooey honey.

The trick to advancing through this Gym is pushing through the various walls of honey and pressing switches along the way. These switches open more passages that lead to more switches, until finally the Gym Leader’s chamber is unlocked. You’ll also do battle with multiple Harlequin Pokemon trainers as you progress.

There really isn’t much variety when it comes to Castelia Gym’s trainers. Harlequin Jack uses a level 20 Sewaddle and level 20 Venipede. Harlequin Rick has just a level 21 Sewaddle. Harlequin Kerry uses a level 20 Sewaddle and level 20 Dwebble. Finally, Harlequin Louis has a level 20 Venipede and level 20 Sewaddle. Fire and Flying type Pokemon are super effective against Bug type, so players who chose Tepig as their starter Pokemon have an advantage against this Gym.

Pokemon Black and White Castelia City Gym Guide - Gym Leader

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Gym Leader Burgh reigns over Castelia City Gym and has three Bug type Pokemon to deal with. All of Burgh’s Pokemon know his trademark Struggle Bug ability, but it really isn’t very good. Though it lowers your Pokemon’s Special Attack statistic, it deals very little actual damage.

His first Pokemon is a level 21 Whirlipede, which is the evolved form of Venipede. It doesn’t possess any particularly devastating attacks, but its Screech ability can significantly lower the Defense of your Pokemon. It also uses Poison Tail which can be severely annoying if you don’t have any Antidotes handy.

Burgh’s second Pokemon is a level 21 Dwebble and poses more of a threat. Dwebble is not only Bug type, but also Rock type, which nullifies the Bug type’s weakness to Fire and Flying. It is, however, vulnerable to Water, Rock, and Steel type attacks. If you have either a Roggenrola or Timburr on your team they will both perform quite well against the Dwebble.

Burgh’s third and final Pokemon is a level 23 Leavanny, the fully evolved form of Sewaddle. If you have any Fire type Pokemon this fight will be a breeze as Leavanny is both Bug and Grass type. This means that any Fire-based attacks will do quadruple damage to this leafy Pokemon. Watch out for its Razor Leaf attack, as it has a high chance of landing a critical hit.

Pokemon Black and White Castelia City Gym Guide - Reward

Once Burgh has been bested you’ll be awarded the Beetle Badge. With this badge, all Pokemon level 40 and below will obey you without question. You’ll also be granted TM76, a Technical Machine that teaches your Pokemon the Struggle Bug maneuver.

All screenshots/references from Nintendo’s Pokemon Black and White and author’s own experience.

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