Pokemon Black and White Nimbasa City Gym Guide

Pokemon Black and White Nimbasa City Gym Guide
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Pokemon Black and White Nimbasa City Gym Guide - The Gym

Following the tradition established in the Striaton City Gym, Nacrene City Gym, and Castelia City Gym, Clyde will give you a Fresh Water recovery item when you speak to him in the Gym’s lobby. This drink heals your Pokemon for 50 hit points.

When you step inside the Nimbasa Gym it becomes quickly evident that the Gym Leader knows how to throw a party. This highly unique Gym requires you to ride on high-speed roller coasters, stopping at various platforms to disembark and push switches. Hit a switch to call a new roller coaster, and then ride that coaster to your next destination. Sometimes Pokemon trainers will guard switches, and sometimes they hop out of the roller coaster car to battle you before you can board it.

You will face four trainers in the Nimbasa Gym: Lady Colette, Lady Magnolia, Rich Boy Cody, and Rich Boy Roland. Between them they only use two specific Pokemon: Emolga and Blitzle. Lady Magnolia has two level 24 Emolgas, while Lady Colette has a single level 25 Emolga. Rich Boy Cody uses a level 25 Blitzle, and Rich Boy Roland has two level 24 Blitzles.

All of the Pokemon in this Gym are Electric-type, but Emolgas are also Flying-type. Normally, Electric-type Pokemon are susceptible to Ground attacks, but the Flying-type negates that weakness. Ice and Rock-type Pokemon are super effective against Flying-type, however, so if you have any on your team use them to your advantage.

Pokemon Black and White Nimbasa City Gym Guide - Gym Leader

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Gym Leader Elesa lies in wait on the final platform. She has three Pokemon to square-off against: two level 25 Emolgas, and a level 27 Zebstrika. The Zebstrika is the evolved form of the Blitzles you fought earlier. All three Pokemon wield Elesa’s trademark special attack known as Volt Switch. This annoying move is not only powerful, but it allows her Pokemon to rotate in and out of battle with each other. Be prepared for heavy use of Volt Switch from all of her combatants.

Elesa’s Emolgas aren’t too threatening, though if you’ve been relying on Ground-type Pokemon to thwart Electric-type thus far, you’ll need to alter your strategy. The Emolgas’ Flying-type trait cancels its inherent weakness to Ground, but opens weaknesses to Ice and Rock-type abilities.

Zebstrika is a bit more of a handful, since it is very quick and can use Volt Switch to attack you and rotate out before you even have the opportunity to damage it. Once both of Elesa’s Emolgas have fainted, however, it will have nowhere to hide.

Elesa has two Hyper Potions in her inventory, and they can be used to heal her Pokemon for a whopping 200 points of damage.

Pokemon Black and White Nimbasa City Gym Guide - Reward

Once Elesa’s three Pokemon have all fainted you’ll be awarded the Bolt Badge. Pokemon level 50 and below will now obey your orders without question. You’ll also receive TM72, a Technical Machine that teaches your Pokemon the Volt Switch maneuver.

All screenshots/references from Nintendo’s Pokemon Black and White and author’s own experience.

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