Guide to Making The Sims 3 Basement

Guide to Making The Sims 3 Basement
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Basements in The Sims 3

Some of the lots in “The Sims 3” aren’t very large. You can however, build more stories to your house or business to make it larger. You could also perhaps build some of these stories below the main level of the house and make levels below ground.

How to Make The Sims 3 Basement

To make the basement in “The Sims 3” you will need to first select the household that you want to add the basement to. Once you are in the game, make sure that no Sims are in the area you want to build the basement (they may get in the way of the staircase you will be placing) you can pause the game and then go to the build screen.

Once you are ready to make The Sims 3 basement, you will need to select the basement building tool and then click and highlight the area you want the basement to go. You are not able to build a basement on a foundation, so make sure of this before you start. Once you have created the basement area, you will see the walls. From there, you can add in the staircase and then finish it like you would any other floor of your building for your regular human Sims or Sims 3 vampires.

Basements in “The Sims 3” are only able to go four levels below ground level. This is still a very large area, so have fun creating your basements and adding many fun new areas to your Sims 3 game!

Basement Ideas

Here are some fun ideas of what you can do with your basement in “The Sims 3.”

The Sims 3 Butler Living Quarters

Butler’s Living Quarters – this is something I turned the basement into on one of my Sim family’s home. It actually worked quite well and The Sims 3 butler was able to hang out there when not busy with the family’s chores.

Display Collections – there are many things that Sims can collect in the game. Sometimes it is quite hard to find places to display them all if you want to show them off. You could use the basement levels to display the items your Sim found around town and even on their vacations in the different countries in “The Sims 3: World Adventures.”

The Sims 3 Pool Spying Area

Pool Spying Area – one of the very cool things that “The Sims 3: Late Night” players to see (and build) is the pool viewing areas. To do this, you need to have a pool and then use the big window on it in the level below the pool. That way, Sims in the level below can see the Sims swimming in the pool. Makes for a fun club addition like The Sims 3 club Aquarius has.

Tombs – you can build a tomb room in your home to scare other Sims that are visiting or just to create a unique room.

Vampire Lounge –vampires hate the sun, so naturally, they prefer to go underground. In the cemetery in Bridgeport neighborhood, there is a secret vampire lounge that is the perfect place for vampires to go that want to hang out a few levels underground. There is a mixologist bar, music and more! If your Sims are vampires, you could make their own vampire lounge at home too for their The Sims 3 basement.


All screenshots and references from The Sims 3.

Screenshots provided by the writer.