Save Space with The Sims 3 Bunk Beds for Kids and Teens

Save Space with The Sims 3 Bunk Beds for Kids and Teens
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The Sims 3: Generations

Kids and teenage Sims received a nice assortment of new items and activities with “The Sims 3: Generations” expansion pack. Kids and teenagers can now pull pranks, get punished for those pranks, go to after school activities or enroll in boarding schools, go to the prom with a date, play in tree houses and more. This expansion pack also gave a nice assortment of new objects were also added for kids and teenage bedrooms. They can now use The Sims 3 bunk beds, loft beds, have lava lamps, and decorate their room with new toys that they can interact with too. In most of the previous expansion and stuff packages for the game, these two age groups were generally left out when it came to new content. The addition of new activities and new objects, the kids and teenagers is now a more enjoyable age range to play with in game.

Decorating for Kids and Teenagers

The new objects included with the “Generations” expansion pack really expanded the options of decorating for kids and teenage bedrooms.

There are four new bunk beds and also matching loft style beds for Sims to use. Adults can sleep in these too, but generally these are used by the younger Sims. Each set also has a bedside table that can be placed by the bed to hold special objects and/or a lamp. When setting up a Sim’s bedroom, stick with one style of furniture and then customize it to the Sim’s personality. Change the color of the wood or bedding to make it unique for your Sims. You could even use shades of colors in the bedding for the fabric on a chair in the room or the curtains. Put up new paint or wallpaper for the room that matches the feel of the bedroom. Depending on the Sim’s age, use the décor items and/or kids items to decorate the room with. Use the new types of loveseats or bean bags in front of one of the new kid-themed flat screen TVs that is placed on the wall. Decorate with some of the new toys and cool new lava lamps to make it kid or teenage friendly and finish off the room.

The Sims 3 Bunk Beds

Using bunk beds in your Sim’s home is really helpful when trying to save space when you have multiple children and not enough rooms for them to each have their own. The bunk beds saves space and opens up more room for the kids room to have room to play or put in other items for them to use, like a new TV or desk. There are four new types of new bunk beds available for purchase in-game with the “Generations” expansion pack.  

The Sims 3 bunk beds

Bare Bones Bunk Bed - Costs: $450 Great Haven Bunk Bed - Costs: $800 The Sinuous Sleeper Bunk Bed - Costs: $975 King Launergan’s Royal Bunk Bedding - Costs: $1200 Note: The more expensive the bed is, the better comfort level it has. Higher quality is obviously better, so if you have the Simoleons, go ahead and purchase the more expensive The Sims 3 bunk beds models for your Sims. Don’t have the cash? Use The Sims 3 money cheat and go ahead and upgrade your Sim’s furnishings!

Loft Beds

The Sims 3 loft beds are similar to the bunk beds. They save space, but instead of having two beds in one, it has just one bed with open space underneath it. The open space can be used to place a desk, dresser, or other items that would otherwise take up more space in the room. This really helps when decorating bedrooms that multiple Sims use. There are four types of new loft beds available for purchase in-game with the “Generations” expansion pack.  

The Sims 3 loft beds

Bare Bones Loft Bed - Costs: $450 Great Haven Loft Bed - Costs: $800 The Sinuous Sleeper Loft Bed - Costs: $975 King Launergan’s Royal Loft Bedding - Costs: $1200

Bunk Beds and Loft Beds – Not Just for Kids!

Although most of the time bunk beds are used for teenagers and children, they can also really help out Sims in the “Young Adult” age that needs to save on space when living in a small studio apartment or starter home. These beds allow them to have a roommate or move into a new home with a sibling without having to worry about where to place the beds in a one bedroom residential lot. The loft style bedding also helps because they can place their dresser under the bed or a desk. The only drawback to using this type of bedding with Sims that are Young Adult age and older though is that they can’t have The Sims 3 WooHoo in single sized beds!


All screenshots and references from The Sims 3. Screenshots provided by the writer.