The Sims 3 Ghost Story Guide

The Sims 3 Ghost Story Guide
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The Sims 3: Generations

Ghosts have been seen in “The Sims 3” since the base game. They were originally just found in the local cemetery and Sims that were scared of such ghostly encounters could simply avoid the graveyard at night to avoid coming into contact with one. As new expansion packs have been added to the game, more content has also been added for ghosts or involving ghosts too.

In “The Sims 3: Generations” expansion pack Sims can gather around and tell The Sims 3 ghost story that is aimed to scare other Sims and have a good time telling tales. With the “Ambitions” expansion pack Sims can join the Ghost Hunting profession and capture ghosts for a living. This was the most advanced content that was added for the life state, and makes for a fun job to have in the game.

Ghosts and Ghost Families

Sims that have died in “The Sims 3” can come back as ghosts that are playable in-game. These ghosts can even have romantic interactions with Sims that are still living and have The Sims 3 ghost baby. They act like normal Sims except they glow in a certain color relating to how they died. The children of a ghost that are also ghostly will be the same color as their ghost parent.

Ghosts also show up in the cemetery in your Sim’s town and in the graveyard at the locations Sims can visit with the “World Adventures” expansion pack. They are seen at night and will spook Sims that encounters them. These ghosts are able to be interacted with too, but it is slightly harder because you will only see them at certain times at night or early in the morning.

The Ghost Hunting Profession

The Sims 3 Ghost Search

A paranormal investigator or ghost hunter is popular in our culture with such shows as “Ghost Hunters” and “Ghost Adventures” being huge hits. Naturally, it would be a good fit for a profession in “The Sims 3” too. So, it became one of the playable professions that players can actually perform jobs with in-game as part of the “Ambitions” expansion pack.

The Sims 3 ghosts can only be captured by Sims in the Ghost Hunter profession that is available with “The Sims 3: Ambitions” expansion pack. This is actually a really fun profession to play because you get to do different types of jobs capturing spirits. Basically, if you liked the movie “Ghostbusters” or the shows mentioned above, you’d enjoy playing this career with your Sim.

The Sims 3 Ghost Story

In “The Sims 3: Generations” expansion pack you can now tell ghost stories with your Sims. This is a new interaction that is under the “Friendly” interactions. To tell these stories, you will need to select another Sim and then select to “Tell Ghost Story.” If you don’t see this as an option at first, perform some other friendly interactions such as chatting, asking about the Sim’s day, giving them a friendly hug, etc. It will show up eventually and then you can tell the spooky story.

The Sims 3 ghost story by child

The Sim that is telling the story will tell the spooky story with a flashlight that they just happen to have on hand for such occasions. If they were in a room inside of a building, such as their house, the lights will turn off so the mood of the ghost tale experience is that much spookier.

The Sims 3 ghost story starts out just being told to one other Sim. If there are other Sims around, they will gravitate towards the Sim telling the scary story and sit down in front of them to listen to it too. If you watch their reactions to the story, you can tell which ones are more scared and which ones are paying closer attention to the story.

Go to the Cemetery

The Sims 3 ghost story in graveyard

To really scare Sims with one of these ghost stories, take the selected Sims you want to hear the story to the local cemetery. Go at nighttime when the possibility of seeing a ghost is higher. Once there, find a spooky location and gather the Sims around and start telling The Sims 3 ghost story. The setting is already perfect, so the chances of telling a very memorable and scary tale are very likely.

Take some screenshots and save customized memories while there. It is something you’d want to add to your Sims’ scrapbooks! After you add it to the scrapbook, you could even share the memory with your friends on Facebook.


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