Guide to The Sims 3 Flowers

Guide to The Sims 3 Flowers
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Community Lots in The Sims 3

There are many different types of The Sims 3 community lots. One of the things that most of them have in common is the use of flowers, shrubs, and trees as part of the landscape decoration.

The different types of parks in the neighborhoods really put The Sims 3 flowers to good use. In these locations, the grounds are beautifully landscaped and can make for some truly beautiful screenshots in the game. For instance, you can take a date to the butterfly park in “Bridgeport” and give your date some beautiful flowers, or you can take it a step further and use this as a place to propose to your Sim’s girlfriend or boyfriend.

There are also community lots that have actual gardens. At lots such as the “Nectary” in France, your Sim can visit and harvest the different types of grapes to make nectar with inside the nectary. They could also use the grapes to plant in their own garden when they return home from their vacation.

Decorate the Landscape with Flowers and Trees

The Sims 3 flowers in front of house

Community lots and parks don’t have to be the only places around town that have a flowers, shrubs, and trees. You can decorate your Sim’s home with The Sims 3 flowers too. To do this, go into the “Build Mode”, select the types of plants that you want on your lot, and place them where you want them.

Many Sims really enjoy being outside, and having a beautifully decorated yard will make them want to spend more time out there. Depending on the size of your lot, you can really add in stunning landscape for your Sims to enjoy. Decorate it in the style of the neighborhood your Sim lives in, or make it a fantasy landscape for an area that they wish they lived in.

Give Flowers

The Sims 3 giving red flowers at park

In “The Sims 3: Generations” Sims can go on dates and also give presents to other Sims. One of the presents that Sims can give to others are flowers. There are different colors of flowers that a Sim can give. A Sim doesn’t actually have to go to the store to purchase the flowers to give away, so go ahead and give some flowers to a Sim to brighten their day.

Find Seeds and Plant a Garden

The Sims 3 Gardening at Home

Aside from the plants you can place directly in the yard, you can also have your Sim learn the gardening skill. This skill allows your Sim to find seeds around town and then take them home and plant them in their garden.

Tending the garden is a relaxing hobby for Sims to enjoy in their spare time. Some enjoy it so much that they turn it into a self-employed career. After all, money can grow on trees in this game!

There are many seeds in the game, and some that your Sim finds will be “unknown” or “special” seeds. Some of these will grow into being very rare plants such as the death flower or life fruit.

The Death Flower

The Sims 3 Death Flower

Want to evade the Grim Reaper? Well, The Sims 3 death flower can help you do just that. Sims can only be planted with the special seeds for it that are found in certain locations around the neighborhood (try looking by the graveyard). Sims also has to have the gardening skill at level 7 before they can plant and harvest this special type of plant.

Life Fruit

The Sims 3 Life Fruit

The Sims 3 life fruit is another one of the plants that isn’t easy to find. This special seed can sometimes be found by the graveyard, but it is more likely to find it outside of the science facility in town. A Sim needs to have their gardening skill up to level 7 to plant and harvest this seed as well.

Once the life fruit is harvested, it can be used to cook “Ambrosia” which is a dish that is very special. It can make a ghost become a human Sim again and can also lower your Sim’s age in the game.

Plasma Fruit

The Sims 3 Plasma Fruit for Vampires

Vampires in The Sims 3 don’t eat actual food. They prefer blood and “Plasma Packs.” Many Sims do enjoy eating The Sims 3 plasma fruit. Only vampires, however, should eat this type of fruit, because if a regular human Sim eats it, he or she will get sick.

Similar to the other special seeds, this type of plant is also only able to be planted and harvested by Sims that have their gardening skill up to level 7. The Sims 3 flowers for this type of fruit pulsate and glow slightly when they are ready to be harvested.

The plasma fruit is much easier to find though. When a Sim becomes a vampire, they will have some in their inventory. This type of fruit is also purchasable at the local grocery store.


  • All screenshots and references from The Sims 3.

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