Guide to The Sims 3 Skinny Dipping

Guide to The Sims 3 Skinny Dipping
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The Sims 3: Late Night Expansion Pack

The Sims 3 Late Night expansion pack includes many new things that hardcore Simmers have been requesting in their game. Among these are hot tubs, Sims 3 skinny dipping, vampires, apartments and penthouses, sexy clothes for your Sims, celebrity Sims and celebrity status, butlers, new instruments, the ability to create a band, bars, clubs, lounges, and mixed drinks that give a moodlet (such as Energy, Romance, and even one to help learn skills faster).

The Sims 3 skinny dipping became available with the Late Night expansion pack. Hot tubs were also added to go skinny dipping in, as well as the ability to steal another Sim’s clothes when relaxing or swimming with no clothes on!

Hot Tubs

Skinny Dipping in Hot Tub at The Brightmore

The Sims 3 hot tubs that became available with the Late Night expansion pack include The Maelstrom Hot Tub and The Serenity Hot Tub. Both of these can be found in clubs and penthouses in Bridgeport. You could also add them to your Sim’s lot to enjoy for some private relaxation and entertainment. Both of the hot tubs give positive benefits for: Environment, Fun, and Stress Relief.

Sims can entertain many of their guests in a hot tub and perform interactions such as chatting, cuddling, making out, kissing, and other friendly and romantic actions. Hot tubs are also available for WooHoo and skinny dipping!

The Sims 3 Skinny Dipping

The Sims 3 Skinny Dipping in Pool

Skinny dipping is a new action that Sims may perform when going into a hot tub or a pool. Sims are able to ask another Sim to go skinny dipping with them, or to join them once they are already in the hot tub or pool. Sims that perform this action leave their clothes on the side of the pool or hot tub and get in naked. This does show the Sims 3 blur effect, unless you have on the Sims 3 naked mod.

Celebrities that want to go skinny dipping should do so carefully because there may be a paparazzi nearby that will photograph them and cause a scandal against your Sim. Young Adult and Adult Sims are also unable to perform this action if there is a baby, child, or teenaged Sim on the lot.

How to Steal a Sim’s Clothes When Skinny Dipping

The Sims 3 Skinny Dipping Steal Clothes

If your Sim is out at a club, in a lounge, at the resort, or even at a friend’s penthouse or your own house, they are able to have some mischievous fun and steal another Sim’s clothes when skinny dipping.

To do this fun interaction, find a Sim that is skinny dipping, and then locate where their clothes are (on the edge of the hot tub or pool). Select the clothes and then hide the clothes. Once the naked Sim gets out of the hot tub or pool, they have no clothes to change back into and they then have to put on a towel and are highly embarrassed.