Guide to The Sims 3 Sex and WooHoo

Guide to The Sims 3 Sex and WooHoo
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The Sims 3 Sex and WooHoo

The Sims 3 is a simulation game that allows users to have sex and get pregnant. The Sims 3 sex is called The Sims 3 WooHoo. Because it is a game that is also geared towards younger audiences, you don’t actually see the Sims have sex. Instead, you will see them moving around under the covers or in the hot tub, but not actually having sex. While they are WooHooing, you will see little confetti like hearts animation appear over where the Sims were having sex. When Sims are having sex, you don’t see the Sims 3 nude, even with a mod. So, if this is your thing, you won’t get your fix with this game.

How to WooHoo and Which Sims Can WooHoo?

Before your Sim will want to have sex with another Sim, they must first have a high enough relationship with the other Sim. They must perform a number of “Romantic” interactions such as Kissing, Making Out, Embrace, Massage, Whisper in Ear, etc. When the other Sim finally finds your Sim “Extremely Irresistible” your Sim will have the option to “WooHoo” and also the option to “Try for Baby.” Depending on which your Sim wants to do, your Sim can now have sex in The Sims 3 with the other Sim. Sims do not have to be married to have sex. Sims can WooHoo only when they are in a location that they are able to WooHoo at. For instance, if you are in the park and even get the other Sim to find your Sim “Extremely Irresistible” they won’t get the option to WooHoo because they can’t WooHoo there. If you are on a residential lot, it will show up because there is a bed there. Sims are able to have sex with members of the opposite sex as well as members of the same sex. They can only have babies with members of the opposite sex, unless you have a specific Sims 3 mod that will override that. There are also mods that allow teen Sims to have sex and also get pregnant, such as with The Sims 3 teen pregnant mod.

Where The Sims 3 Sex Happens

Most of the time Sims have sex in the bedroom. The bed is the most common place where Sims WooHoo at. After Sims WooHoo in bed, they are even able to cuddle or WooHoo some more.

Skinny Dipping in Hot Tub at The Brightmore

There are however, some Sims that like to be a bit of an exhibitionist and can WooHoo in public places or just other places besidest he bedroom. These places include:

  • In City Hall (must first Tour it)
  • In the Military Base (must first Tour it)
  • In the Science Lab (must first Tour it)
  • In the Theater (must first Tour it)
  • In a Tent (must have The Sims 3: World Adventures)
  • In a Sarcophagus (must have The Sims 3: World Adventures)
  • WooHoo In a Time Machine (must have The Sims 3: Ambitions)
  • In an Elevator (must have The Sims 3: Late Night)
  • WooHoo In a Hot Tub (must have The Sims 3: Late Night)
  • In the Shower (must have The Sims 3: Generations)
  • In the Tree House (must have The Sims 3: Generations)


All screenshots and references from The Sims 3. Screenshots provided by the writer.