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Guide to the Bard’s Inspirations in The Sims Medieval

by: Sheri Newton ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Bards need inspiration before they can start writing a play or a poem. This is a crucial part of this type of hero in “The Sims Medieval." Find out how they can collect these themes and use them to write poetry and plays to perform on the stage.

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    The Sims Medieval Bard Inspiration

    In “The Sims Medieval" the Bard hero is able to write poems and poetry. To write these documents, the hero must first have inspiration to do so. The Sims Medieval bard inspiration is only able to be obtained by the bard and is non-transferable or sellable. It is something that each bard really needs to stock up on so they will always have something to write about when they need to write a poem or play.

    The Sims Medieval Bard seeking inspiration 

    There are two ways that the bard is able to obtain inspiration. First, the bard could ask another Sim for inspiration. They will receive inspiration depending on the type of Sim that they ask. For example, a priest will give the “Watcher" inspiration and the wizard could give the “Magic" inspiration theme.

    The second way to obtain it is by clicking on a location and seeking inspiration there. Depending on the location, your hero will collect different types of themes. For instance, if the bard is surrounded by nature, they could receive the “Nature" theme as their inspiration.

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    Types of Inspiration

    The Sims Medieval Bard writing a poem For a bard to write a poem or a play, they need to have inspiration in the form of themes. The bard is able to collect these themes and use when they are inspired to write (or when a quest or daily responsibilities inform them they need to do so).

    This list will detail where you can get each of the types of The Sims Medieval bard inspirations in the game. Go to the location listed or as the type of Sim outlined here and your play or poem will be inspired exactly how you want it.

    • Animals and Hunting – available at the forest. Also available when seeking inspiration from the Monarch, Spy or Knight heroes
    • Art – available at the Tavern
    • Crime – available at the Judgment Zone and Pit of Judgment. Also available when seeking The Sims Medieval bard inspiration from the constable and the executioner.
    • Food and Drink – available at the Tavern, Reception Hall and at the MillThe Sims Medieval Bard Inspiration from another Sim 
    • Foreign Lands – available at the Throne Room and the Lighthouse. Also available from asking a foreign Sim for inspiration.
    • Kingdom and Royalty – available at the Throne Room and from asking the monarch hero
    • Love – available at the Tavern or from seeking inspiration of a Sim of the opposite sex
    • Magic – available at the Wizard’s Tower and from The Sims Medieval wizard hero
    • Money – available at the Market and also from the merchant hero.
    • Nature – available at the forest or in nature. Also available from the physician and wizard heroes.
    • Sickness and Death – available at the Clinic or from the Physician hero
    • Sport – available at the Kingball CourtThe Sims Medieval inspiration from nature 
    • Stars – available at the Wizard’s Tower
    • War – available at the Barracks and the Smithy. Also available from seeking inspiration from the Monarch, Spy or The Sims Medieval Knight heroes.
    • Watcher – available at the Peteran Monastary, Jacoban Cathedral and the Watcher’s Pavillion. Also available from the priests.

    Depending on the types of themes you choose for the poem or play, different actions will be performed by the bard. It also will determine the value of the piece and also if other Sims will enjoy it. Pick carefully!

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    All screenshots and references from The Sims Medieval.

    Screenshots provided by the writer.