The Sims Medieval Forging Guide

The Sims Medieval Forging Guide
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The Sims Medieval Forging

The Sims Medieval blacksmith hero is the primary forger in the Kingdom. The wizard hero is also able to craft new staves, but to do so they would need to use the blacksmith’s tools at the Smithy, or purchase their own. The tools required for forging are the Forge and Anvil. These are objects that come with the Smithy building for the blacksmith to use.

Before you craft an item, you will need to make sure that your hero has the required ingredients in their inventory. If they don’t have all of the ingredients, they will not be able to forge the desired item. Be sure to do plenty of The Sims Medieval mining whenever you can to have a good inventory of all of the rocks and gems you could need for the items.

To get started, you will need to select the Forge and choose to “Stock with Coal.” Then you will need to click on the Forge and select the item you want to create. You can only select ones that your hero is able to craft based on their level and which ones you have all of the ingredients for.

Once you are crafting the item, you need to keep an eye on the heat and pressure balance (shown on the upper left side of the screen). You can control the heat meter by going to the forge to heat it up or to the anvil to cool it down. Try to keep it in the center of the meter. As your blacksmith levels up, the better they are at forging on their own. The better you do this forging process, the higher the quality of item that is forged. The type of hammer the blacksmith uses is also measured by how high of quality the final results will be, so be sure to upgrade to a better hammer as soon as you can.

The Sims Medieval Forging Recipes

The blacksmith can craft armor, hammers, Kingball paddles, staves and swords. Be sure to have all of the ingredients needed before you go to craft the item with The Sims Medieval forging tools. The following recipes listed here include the ingredients needed and the base price of the item, if the item is of higher quality it will be worth more money.


  • **The Sims Medieval forging 2

    Adamantle Battleplate** – (base price: 1,300) – ingredients: Mithral x6, Adamantle x4, Electrum x4

  • Advortonian Scale – (base price: 300) – ingredients: Electrum x4, Ferrous x6, Phosphorus x2

  • Angelsguard – (base price: 11,000) – ingredients: Angelstalon Fragment x5, Mithral x8, Mana Stones x5, Electrum x3

  • Bear Hide Armor – (base price: 200) – ingredients: Bear Meat x2, Ferrous x2

  • Chainmail – (base price: 100) – ingredients: Ferrous x7

  • Crude Plate Mail – (base price: 75) – ingredients: Crudium x4, Ferrous x5

  • Darkstone Bulwark – (base price: 2,500) – ingredients: Mithral x7, Azurite x2, Mana Stones x7

  • Doom Plate – (base price: 12,000) – ingredients: Angelstalon Fragment x3, Unicorn Horn Spike, Mithral x4, Adamantle x4

  • Knight’s Plate – (base price: 400) – ingredients: Phosphorus x3, Mithral x2, Ferrous x6

  • Lord’s Plate – (base price: 750) – ingredients: Phosphorus x2, Mithral x4, Ferrous x4, Azurite x2

  • Plate Mail – (base price: 100) – ingredients: Crudium x3, Ferrous x8

  • Ramshackle Chestguard – (base price: 40) – ingredients: Crudium x7

  • Steel Plate Mail – (base price: 175) – ingredients: Phosphorus x3, Ferrous x7


  • Adamanthral Hammer – (cannot sell) – ingredients: Adamanthral x,2 Crudium Hammer
  • Adamantle Hammer – (cannot sell) – ingredients: Adamantle x2, Crudium Hammer
  • Angelshammer – (base price: 2,000) – ingredients: Angelstalon Fragment, Mithral x5, Adamantle x2, Azurite x2, Mana Stones x3
  • Crudium Hammer – (base price: 25) – ingredients: Crudium x5
  • Ferrous Hammer – (base price: 200) – ingredients: Ferrous x5, Crudium x2
  • Mithral Hammer – (cannot sell) – ingredients: Mithral x2, Crudium Hammer
  • Seven Arts Hammer – (cannot sell) – ingredients: Blacksmith Badge, Tailor Badge, Agriculture Badge, Architecture Badge, Warfare Badge, Trade Badge, Cooking Badge, Mithral x3
  • Steel Hammer – (base price: 350) – ingredients: Ferrous x5, Phosphorus x3
  • Watcher’s Hammer – (base price: 600) – ingredients: Mithral x4, Adamantle x43, Electrium x3

The Sims Medieval Recipes for Forging Continued…

The Sims Medieval heroes are able to equip some items to use (depending on the hero type). These upgraded items can be crafted by the blacksmith and sold for a profit. Here are more of The Sims Medieval recipes for forging with the anvil and forge.

Kingball Paddles

  • Excalipaddle – (base price: 500) – ingredients: Adamantle x2, Mithral x3
  • Expert Paddle – (base price: 125) – ingredients: Electrum x2, Ferrous x2, Phosphorus x2
  • Rustic Paddle – (base price: 50) – ingredients: Ferrous x3

Staves – (also crafted by The Sims Medieval Wizard hero)

  • Basic Staff – (base price: 10) – ingredients: Crudium
  • Doomstaff – (cannot sell) – ingredients: Adamantle x3, Arcane Edge, Staff Core x2, Soul Fragment x7, Mana Stones x2
  • Magical Staff – (base price: 1,750) – ingredients: Adamantle x3, Mithral x4, Staff Core x2
  • Staff of Intermediate Evil – (base price: 1,100) – ingredients: Mithral x4, Phosphorus x2, Staff Core
  • Staff of the Watcher – (base price: 750) – ingredients: Electrum x3, Ferrous x3, Staff Core

The Sims Medieval forging 3


  • Angelstalon – (base price: 9,000) – ingredients: Angelstlon Fragment x4, Mithral x10

  • Balmung – (base price: 500) – ingredients: Adamantle x3, Mana Stones, Mithral x2, Catalyst Tremendous, Superior Alloy

  • Beast’s Bane Sword – (base price: 400) – ingredients: Adamanthral x2, Bear Meat, Boar Meat, Venison

  • Chinchilla Killer – (cannot sell) – ingredients: Adamanthral x2, Adamanthral Hammer, Ferrous x3

  • Crude Longsword – (base price: 25) – ingredients: Crudium x5

  • Doom Sword – (base price: 10,500) – ingredients: Adamantle x4, Mana Stones x4, Mithral x3, Doom Sword Blade, Doom Sword Hilt

  • Elegant Long Sword – (base price: 250) – ingredients: Adamantle x2, Electrum x2, Ferrous x3, Phosphorus x2

  • Embossed Longsword – (base price: 250) – ingredients: Electrum x2, Adamantle x2, Phosphorus x2, Ferrous x3

  • Fiery Embossed Longsword – (base price: 750) – ingredients: Flame Enchantment, Embossed Longsword

  • Fiery Greatsword – (base price: 675) – ingredients: Flame Enchantment, Great Sword

  • Fiery Mithral Longsword – (base price: 1,300) – ingredients: Flame Enchantment, Mithral Longsword

  • Fiery Precise Scimitar – (base price: 850) – ingredients: Flame Enchantment, Precise Scimitar

  • Fiery Steel Longsword – (base price: 635) – ingredients: Flame Enchantment, Steel Longsword

  • Fish Sword – (base price: 250) – ingredients: Azurite, Ferrous x6, Phosphorus x2, Swordfish

  • Galatine – (base price: 500) – ingredients: Adamantle x3, Mana Stones, Mithral x3, Catalyst Divine, Superior Alloy

  • Great Sword – (base price: 175) – ingredients: Crudium x3, Ferrous x6

  • Legendary Unfinished Blade – (cannot sell) – ingredients: Adamantle, Mithral, Superior Alloy, Test Blade Alloy

  • Longsword – (base price: 70) – ingredients: Ferrous x5

  • Mana’s Edge – (base price: 2,000) – ingredients: Mana Stones x5, Mithral x7

  • Mithral Longsword – (base price: 800) – ingredients: Adamantle x3, Mithral x5

  • Precise Scimitar – (base price: 350) – ingredients: Ferrous x4, Mithral x2, Phosphorus x2

  • Seraphim – (base price: 500) – ingredients: Adamantle x3, Mana Stones, Mithral x2, Catalyst Divine, Superior Alloy

  • Smortlee Sword – (base price: 175) – ingredients: Azurite, Ferrous x5, Wheat

  • Steel Longsword – (base price: 125) – ingredients: Ferrous x5, Phosphorus x2

  • Sword of the Chinchilla – (base price: 625) – ingredients: Ferrous x7, Mana Stones, Phosphorus x3

    The Sims Medieval forging 4

  • Test Blade Adamantle – (base price: 200) – ingredients: Adamantle x3, Crude Longsword

  • Test Blade Alloy – (cannot sell) – ingredients: Crude Longsword, Superior Alloy

  • Test Blade Mithral – (base price: 250) – ingredients: Mithral x2, Crude Longsword

  • Tooth of Jacob – (base price: 1,200) – ingredients: Adamantle, Mithral, Blessed Water x2, Watcher’s Blade

  • Trenfher – (base price: 500) – ingredients: Adamantle x3, Mana Stones, Mithral x2, Catalyst Tremendous, Superior Alloy

  • Untempered Longsword – (base price: 50) – ingredients: Crudium x2, Ferrous x3

  • Watcher’s Blade – (base price: 500) – ingredients: Adamantle, Ferrous x7, Phosphorus x2, Consecrated Well Water x2

  • Wyrmslayer Sword – (cannot sell ) – ingredients: Azurite x3, Ferrous x7, Mithral x2


All screenshots and references from The Sims Medieval.

Screenshots provided by the writer.