Sims Medieval Fisherman's Challenge Walkthrough

Sims Medieval Fisherman's Challenge Walkthrough
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“The Fisherman’s Challenge” is a quest that pops up early in a lot of kingdom ambitions in Sims Medieval simply because any hero can complete it! For the cost of three quest points, you’ll be rewarded with 30 RP for your kingdom, 1,000 simoles and 800 XP for your participating hero, and a small boost to your kingdom’s well being and cultural aspects.

Getting Started

To begin the quest, you must first speak to the royal advisor about the fishing competition. As your monarch’s right hand, this person can just about always be found wandering around inisde the castle, any hour of the day or night. Once you speak to him or her, you’ll be confronted with an entrance fee of one hundred simoles. Here you already have a choice. You can either pay the entry fee and get on with your day, or you can try to convince the royal advisor to waive the fee. The latter option requires that you build up a bit of a rapport with the royal advisor, though you don’t quite have to become friends with them. If your hero is already friendly with the royal advisor, this is an obvious choice! Otherwise it’s simply whether you want to spend the money or spend a little time chit chatting. Either choice will get you the same results.

Head down to the docks!

Once the matter of the entrance fee is taken care of, you’ll be advised to talk with previous winners of the competition hanging around the docks. The catch is that one or the other of them is pruportedly crazy, and the advisor can’t remember which one. Guess we’ll see! When you’re ready, head down to the docks. As quest NPCs, these two fishermen aren’t going to be leaving the beach.

Asking each fisherman for advice will get you an accusation that the other one is crazy, and an order for a snack delivery in exchange for their help. One fisherman wants an apple, while the other wants some eel stew. This is the big choice in the quest, so choose carefully!

Choosing the Apple

If you choose the fisherman who wants the apple, head on down to the village shoppe and pay three simmoles for one. Once delivered, he’ll advise you that fishing is all a state of mind, and your mood has everything to do with what you’ll catch, encouraging you to try it out. Fishing spots are bountiful around the beach and the river by the square, so pick one and try it out!

You should quickly be rewarded by a large, prize winning turbot, worthy of showing to the royal advisor. Unfortunately, they’ll tell you that somebody else has already captured something much larger! Return to the fisherman to obtain more advice.

Sir Evaryan is not quite cranky enough to catch a mysterious lobster. I must continue to deprive him of basic needs!

It’s time for plan b. Elaborating on what he said before, the fisherman describes a legendary mysterious lobster that only appears once every fifty years to the most miserable angler. To find this lobster, you’ll have to fish while your focus bar is about seventy-five percent into the red. You’ll need to collect a few negative buffs to do this. I personally shirked one of my knight’s daily responsibilities, and waited until he was very tired and hungry. With a little luck, the mysterious lobster will soon be yours!

Once you’ve obtained the mysterious lobster, return to the royal advisor to complete the quest and recieve your rewards!

Choosing the Eel Stew

It is possible to catch an eel if you’d rather not spend the simoles on one at the village shoppe.

If you choose the fisherman who wants the eel stew, you’re going to need to obtain several ingredients. You can check what ingredients are necessary by selecting “make food” on a fireplace with a cooking pot. In this case, we need one of each of the following: cabbage, eel, egg and onion. If you feel like saving a little money, you can try catching the eel yourself at a fishing spot, but the other ingredients will require a trip to the village shoppe, and you can buy the eel there too. All the ingredients together will run you forty-four simoles.

Cooking up some eel stew!

Once you’ve collected all the ingredients, you’ll need to cook the eel stew at a fireplace with a cooking pot. Make sure your hero doesn’t eat any! Add the finished stew to your hero’s inventory and return to the fisherman.

He’ll tell you the eel stew isn’t for him, it’s for bait! Try it out at a fishing spot. You should immediately catch a nice big fish to show to the royal advisor. Unfortunately, the advisor will tell you your fish isn’t quite big enough to win! At this point, return to the fisherman to get some different advice.

A Chance to Change Your Mind

Now the fisherman will tell you this was part of his plan all along, and the fish you caught is yet another kind of bait! He’ll insist to win the competition you need to go whale hunting. Now comes another choice. You can either go forward with this plan, and obtain a harpoon, or decide this is crazy, and go with the other fisherman. (This’ll loop you right back to the top of the “choosing the apple” section of this article.)

If you decide on whale hunting, head to the village shop to buy a harpoon. This will cost you a hundred simoles. Head back to the docks and select the ship in order to go on a whale hunt. Soon after you’ll return with a grisly trophy: the fin of a giant whale!

Show the fin to the royal advisor in order to complete the quest and recieve your rewards. If your hero had the “whale ate my parents” trait, you’ll also be able to replace their fatal flaw with a legendary trait!


All screenshots and references from The Sims Medieval.

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