Warlords on Facebook Level Guide - Introduction and Level 2

Warlords on Facebook Level Guide - Introduction and Level 2
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Introduction to Warlords

Warlords is a great new game on Facebook. It’s a mixture of Magic the Gathering and Mafia Wars. In Warlords your success is based on luck, your decisions and the cards you use in your squads.

If you have ever played Mafia Wars, then you will pick up how to play Warlords rather quickly. The Warlords questing system is set up in very similarly, with the major difference being that you may fail a quest if your squad is not as powerful as your opponent. The following a guide that will quickly take you, step by step, through the first ten levels of Warlords.

Starting Out in Warlords

Warlords Warmainden

When you start off in Warlords your hero will already have a five card squad consisting of two Mace Warriors, a Warrior Mage and two Heldian Warmaidens. You are already equipped and ready to go questing. You will want to start off by going to the Oracle’s Temple and completing all the quests available there. New quests will open up once you level. These are instructional quests, they don’t take up much energy but they will help you learn the game and help build up your money stores for later in the game. Completing all of the Oracle Temple quests will almost get to you to level two. After the Oracle Temple, go to the Chronicles of Fergon. Once you do the defiance quest, you will reach level two. You will be awarded a new card and given the title “Commander” for leveling. You also will be awarded a skill point and a favour point. Skill points can be used to raise your overall Energy or Stamina, in this case you will want to raise your Energy.

Level Two

Now that you’ve reached level two your Energy and Stamina will be full again. You will want to go back to the Oracle’s Temple and complete all of the available quests there. This will get you a third of the way through this level but will take most of your Energy. Since you are low on Energy you will want to Battle, but first you will want to beef up your squad a little. Go to the Buy Cards tab and buy an archer card called a Gaucianyysa. Now go to the Manage Squad tab and replace both of your Heldian Warmaidens with the archer and the Cleric you got for leveling. Then go fight some battles. With any luck you will reach level three before you run out of Stamina.

Levels Three and Four

Hitting level three means your Energy and Stamina will be filled back up again and you will receive another skill point which you will want

Dust of Light

to use to gain another Energy point. Now it’s questing time. The Oracle’s Temple won’t have any more quests for you. This time you will want to do Treasure Quests. First buy either the Spear of Zodan, the Magic Ring of Health or the Dust of Light, which are for sale under the Treasures tab. Then go back to the Quest tab and check out the Treasure Quests. Do the quest that corresponds with the Treasure you bought until your Energy is gone, then go back to fighting. Continue your treasure quest whenever you have enough energy. When you reach level four, the skill point should be used to once again raise your Energy. For the remainder of this guide you will want to add your skill points to Stamina as you recuperate it much faster than Energy, and you have a squad that should win most battles.

Once you have enough gold, buy an Ayothian Swordsman to replace one of your Mace Warriors. Battle until you can afford another Treasure for Treasure Quests. You will basically continue this strategy until you reach level five.

Levels Five and Six

Warlords Pikeman

Once you reach level five it’s time to really start the Chronicles of Fergon quests. You should be able to do almost all the available quests with your energy at its max. That will get you close to level six, a few battles and you’re there.

At level six two new quests open up in the Chronicles of Fergon. To complete the second one, you will need to buy an Ardenian Pikeman. This will most likely cost over half your coin, but it must be done to do the quest. Your new Ardenian Pikeman can replace either your last Mace Warrior or your Cleric. Personally I think removing the Cleric from your squad, at this point, is the better choice but either will work well. Start level six by doing the two new quests then start redoing earlier quests. Each time you redo a quest the amount of money and experience you gain from the quest drops, so cycling through them one at a time will allow you to continue to reap the most benefit from them.

Questing should get you almost halfway through level six. Again you will want to move over to doing battles once you are out of Energy. By the time your Stamina is down to nothing you should be able to do another quest. You will want to bounce back and forth from battle to quest for as a long as possible. You will almost reach level seven before completely running out of both Stamina and Energy.

Levels Seven and Eight

Warlords Elf Hero

At this point you have built up your money reserves again, you will want to hang on to it all for a little while longer because at level eight you will need to build a new squad of Elves.

Level seven only opens up one new quest in the Chronicles of Fergon. Start this level by expending your Energy on the Chronicles of Fergon quests, as they yield more money then other quests. You will need as much as possible to build your upcoming Elf squad.

Once you hit level eight it’s time to build your Elf squad. When you reach level eight you will be given a hero to lead the squad, but you will still need to buy your five squad members. This is where most the money you’ve horded is going to go. At this point you

Warlords Siegebull

should have somewhere in the neighbourhood of eight hundred coin. You will only have the choice between two different squad members, the Gulvan Striker and the Arcanian Treant. I would recommend buying two of the Strikers and three of the Treants. This will still leave you with a couple of hundred coin. This is good because now you will want to save up for an Ardenian Siegebull for your human squad. As soon as you have enough money buy the Siegebull and replace the Warrior Mage with it.

Like level seven, level eight only opens up one new quest in the Chronicles of Fergon. This makes questing here a tad boring but the addition of the Elvish squad makes battles more interesting. Start level eight by doing battles, then quest. To use both Human and Elvish squads in the same battle you must fight warlords level eight or higher.

Level Nine

Warlords Cleric

Once you hit level nine, two new quests will open up in the Chronicles of Fergon. They still focus on your Human squad, it will still be a couple of levels before you start questing with your new Elvish squad. From here, you will be doing the same as the previous levels by bouncing back and forth from questing to battling until you reach level ten and become a Knight.

In researching this article I reset my Warlord and started from scratch. It took me seven hours to reach level ten. This includes all the time I spent away from the computer to allow my Energy and Stamina to build back up. I also had a huge run of bad luck on the battlefield while making it through level eight. Level eight took me over an hour of game time, where most others were well under an hour. Even though it took me seven hours to get to level ten, it can take a lot less with just a little more luck than I had. The end result is that during one slow day at the office you could power level your way through levels one to ten in one of Facebooks fastest up and coming games, with the help of this guide.