Nancy Drew Danger by Design Part 2 Walkthrough

About the Game

Nancy Drew Danger by Design is one of many in a series of games released by Her Interactive that features the exploits and adventure of teen detective, Nancy Drew. In this game. Nancy Drew poses as a fashion assistant for world renowned designer, Minette. You will be able to control Nancy Drew in this point and click game, solve riddles and unlock puzzles as you try to get to the bottom of this new mystery. Check out part one of the walkthrough and move on over as you solve this game’s puzzle with ease, via the help of this guided walkthrough.

The To Do List

letter content

threatening letter

Once you’re all done with your errands inside Minette’s studio, its time to tackle the things on your to-do list. If you haven’t yet, go look at the to-do list on Nancy’s computer. Then try and head out the door – doing so will result in a piece of letter being slid under the door. Pick it up and open it. You’ll find the Minette has received apparently, yet another threatening letter from an anonymous person! Heather will ask you to place the letter inside the Dodo box in the office. When you’re done, you can work on your to do list in the office (the plotter) or the errands you need to do outside.

By the way, conversation with Heather will reveal info about the other characters in the game. It will be interesting to note the connection between Heather and Dieter. Once you’re done with idle chitchat, its time to get to work! By the way, Nancy Drew games operate on a time basis, meaning that when it reaches night time, Nancy will have to go back to her flat and rest for the night. Although it might be an inconvenience it really does nothing for the plot.

The Plotter and the Envelope


Correct Output

I started out with the Plotter Job as it’s already there in your immediate vicinity. It’s broken so you need to fix it. Basically its very easy, if you want to read the manual for it, open the drawer by the desk with the phone in it and skim through Soony’s doodles to the last part where the manual is attached. The instructions will be there, but it’s really easy. You just have to adjust the bar settings on the plotter until you can get a good print out. There are three settings, with various bars for each. I suggest a systematic way of doing this – meaning going with all 1 bar and then moving on along until you get the correct setting. (Look at the images to know what the correct output will look like)

JJ Ling
Zu article

Once that’s done, head outside where you’ll see a map. Let’s do the rest of the list chronologically which means heading out to Place Monge first and picking up the envelope from JJ Ling. She’ll be your roommate and Minette’s fitting model. She’ll be feeding you hogwash about her own luggage getting lost in the airport and what not dont believe it so she’ll open up to you. Talking to her will reveal that Minette and Dieter once dated six months ago as well some other tidbits about fashion and modelling. If you’re through, read the magazine article about Zu beside her phone and then head out. Of course don’t forget to grab the envelope before heading off to Dieter at the Rue De Bac.


JJ Letter
Metro Map

Dieter and Developing Mania

Dieter is Minette’s fashion photographer and currently possesses fabric photos that you will need to give to the Glam Glam editor, Jean Michel Traquenard (Jean Mi). However, when you get to Rue de Bac Dieter will tell you that he hasn’t had time to develop the photos himself and will need you to do it for him. The instructions will be found in the bookshelf behind the fishtank. Pick up the binder by the fish tank to read your instructions and get to the dark room to start developing. (See images below for clarification)

Do these instructions carefully as a wrong move will set Nancy off with a BOOM!

First, pick up one of the films, place it on the enlarger by the left, turn off the light and click on the red switch for about 2-9 seconds. Turn off the switch against and place the paper in the middle for about 7-12 seconds before taking it out and putting it in the stop bath located at your lower right corner for about 5 seconds. Then get the paper again and put it on the fixer pan in the middle for about 15 seconds. Done correctly, you’ll see the developed film hanging in front of you. Repeat four times and head out of there! I’ve labeled the pans and their locations, however take note that this will be a hard process and most likely, you’ll end up making mistakes along the way. Very tedious.


Binder - Processing Films
Dark Room Pan Positions

An Alternative

An easier way to complete the processing puzzle is to head to the toilet in the dark room and flush it ten times. When you hear the cluck of a chicken, go to the developing station to find all 4 films have been processed! See? It’s very easy and won’t require you to d

Once you’re done, head back out to Dieter and start up a conversation with him. He’ll talk to you about Minette, their affair, Heather and her crush on him. Most importantly, he’ll spill details about your next NPC, Jean Mi. Before heading out the door, click on the desk besides Dieter (the one with the toy and the digital camera) and select the camera. Its a high res digital cam that Dieter will let you borrow. You’ll need this later on in the game, but if you want to – feel free to take photos of whatever you want or need (it might even be useful for some puzzles) When you’re all set, leave his place and head to Hotel De Ville and hand the photos over to Jean Mi.

Jean Mi and the Flea Market

At the Cafe Kiki, talk to Jean Mi about everything under the sun and learn about his theories on Minette’s face mask, JJ’s supposed tricked contract and Minette’s animosity with Butterly. He’ll also explain the intricacies of the fashion world, how cutthroat it is and very demanding. When you’re all settled in, give the fabric photos to Jean Mi and then have a meal with him. While everything on the menu looks appetizing, pick the creme de glaze for your meal (you’ll be needing it later) and munch away.

Afer your meal, say au revoir to your fashion editor and head to Pont Neuf. This is the Flea Market where you’ll be spending a lot of time buying stuff from. However, for now, you’ll be needing to buy stuff for Minette. There are three vendors: Malika, Marchand and Monique. Learn how to haggle for prices but be careful because going too low will make your vendors rigid with their original asking price. As a bonus, Marchand will pay you 15 euros if you do reproductions for him, a great way to earn money.

But for Minette, buy these things for now: green rings from Monique, the lava lamp and traffic cone from Malika and the blue film canister from Marchand. That’s that. You’re done for this part. Check out the continuing articles for the next part of the Nancy Drew walkthrough.


Fabric Photos
Creme de Glaze
Repo Art
Jean mi
Repo Art 2

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