Nancy Drew Danger by Design Walkthrough – Passageways

About the Game

Nancy Drew Danger by Design is one in many adventure mystery games produced and designed by Her Interactive. It follows the exploits of teen sleuth Nancy Drew as she uncovers case after case after case. This time, Nancy will take you to France where you will moonlight as a fashion intern!

This will be one of the final chapters of the game and we shall walk through it together. Ready?

Pont Neuf Passageway

Head to Pont Neuf and click on the cross. Enter the coded number (4154) on the date to reveal another diagram.

Note the picture of the mouths, windmill and the fish. These are the statues found in the park. For the mouth statue, arrange the handle to arrange the mouth in the same way as the diagram. Yellow mouth slightly parted, blue parted mouth and red wide open mouth. Turn the handle ten times to get the top EEEEE, Ahhh, and OOOO.

For the windmill, turn the handle on the right to get the purple petal on top and a squirrel will move the handle. At the left of the windmill, Nancy will say something about placing a stake and a string to make a noise. Buy the string from Malika and the stake as well as the Ichi Do book. Learn the move, Chi-cry and the verbal salute. You’ll need this later. From Monique, buy a flashlight, and from Marchand, the pie tin. When you’re done, attach the stake and the string as well the tie pin moving the handle six times to get the purple on top.

Now head to the fish statue where, you’ll press the button to reveal a hidden passageway that will lead you to a hazelnut chest and a key inside it.

Pont Neuf Passageway

Mouth Statue
Windmill Statue
Passageway under the Fish
Fish Statue
Key in Chest

Back to the Cemetery


Code Puzzle

Once you’re done, head back out and on to the cemetery where you will once again go underwater. Follow these directions to get to where you have to be: Take 5 steps forward, one to the right, another one forward, move to the Left, take 2 steps Forward, one to the Right, another step Forward. Now turn left , two more steps Forward, one to the Right, another Forward then to the Left, 4 more steps Forward, one last move to the Left, 2 steps Forward, one final move to the Right and finally one more step onward!

You’ll get to this room with another Noisette puzzle. Take note of the words, Europe, Pont Neuf, Blanche and Chateau Rouge. Now take note of the metro stops. Europe is 3, Pont Neuf – 7, Blanche -2, and Chateau Rouge 4. Enter the numbers 3724 to get another key.

Defusing a Bomb

Finished Bombs

Going back to the office, you will find a bomb in Minette’s door. Open it to see the mechanisms inside. Remember that you need to have the same shapes, and the same colors together. The diagram will be included in this passage, note that the correct shapes will correspond to the misplaced ones. So you’ll know which ones to move and where to.

Using the Deciphering Machine


Now that everything’s relatively safe, its time to decode the M380 letter. Open the decoder and input IX V and III on the dials, you’ll get this from the uncropped photo you got in Minette’s studio. Now, type the code in your computer and remember that no spaces or return keys are allowed and that circle slashes are zeros.

This should be your code – XTI0S MPKPQ QLNOR EZA7L XTI0S MPKQQ LNOR3 AS7LX TI0SM K2A (refer to the book if you’re confused). It will decode to Rouge, Blanc, ROuge, Bleu, Rouge which means red white red blue red.

Final Passageway

Then, go inside Minette’s studio and go to the center. Place the propeller key there in the notch to reveal a wedge of colors. Enter red, white, red, blue and red. This will reveal another passageway. Now head to the door and open it with the key from the park. Take the letter from under the glass cover. Take note of the X IV III code from her name. Closing the glass covers will trigger the trap.

To open the door, see the words inscribed there. Now, shift the letter with the numbers 380. Meaning, every letter must be shifted the number of times, the number 380 will fall to it ex. A (8) will be H and so on. The letters will now change to XVEGMRQQEUMEQQGPMCKMRDUI.

With your new code, use Noisette’s code X IV III to get the decoded words of Deux, Un. Cinq Se.Pt – translated to 2 1 5 7 (French numbers).


Stained Glass
Shift Code
Final Code

Mastering Ichi Do


Once you’ve managed to release yourself from the secret room, go back out. Moving ahead, you’ll hear the conspirators and Minette talking. They’ll be leaving and it will give you the chance to take the dress out of harm’s way. Remember that before you do this to read the Ichi Do book again and take the dress. Minette will catch you and try to attack, take what you’ve learned from the Ichi-Do book and block her every move! Now just finish the moves and catch your bad guys! If you’re having any trouble, refer to the diagram to know which move goes where!

In Closing

With that we are done! Kaput! Finito! Please check out the previous articles if you want to go back to some puzzles and get a better time. Hooray for you! You’ve solved the game and uncovered a mystery (foiling a spy attempt to boot). I’ll see you guys next time and hopefully with another Nancy Drew walkthrough. 🙂

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