Meet the Robinsons Walkthrough: The Industrial District

Meet the Robinsons Walkthrough: The Industrial District
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Playing Chargeball

The Chargeball Challenge is called a challenge for a reason: you’ll be facing the Champ. Basically, AI that’s programmed to be really good at Chargeball. You have to beat him three times : On the pee wee curse, the varsity course, and then the championship course.

If he beats you, you will have the option to quit. DO NOT DO THIS. If you do, you will never get the Varsity Gloves and believe me, your normal Charge Gloves won’t do much good against future enemies. Once you do beat the Champ however, the Varsity Gloves are yours. It has thrice the attack power of your normal Charge Gloves. So yeah, you’d want to meet those blue Soldier Ants again and make them pay for being so annoying.

Leave the Chargeball court and you’ll find a chest with the Magma Industries VR Disc. There’s also a transport tube that will take you back to the station. Take it.

The Industrial District

When you’re back the previously closed doors will be open. a blue Soldier Ant will appear. With the Varsity Glove, they’re not so tough now. 3 zaps and they’re toast. Ride the lift and go down. You’ll see a robot. Scan it of course. It’s Barry the Maintenance Bot. Open the chest behind him, then talk to him.

He’ll task you to protect some turrets from those pesky ants. Kill the pests that’ll pop-up and enter the portal. Once you’re inside you’ll face around a dozen ants before you can proceed. Kill them and the force field will go down, enter and you’ll see the turrets. Scan one (Ant Defense System) and heal up if necessary. Go near the turrets to trigger the swarm. Besides your usual grunts and soldiers, a new ant monster will appear: the Sniper Ant. Scan one of the flying critters then use your Disassembler to knock them down, then finish them off with a few zaps. After clearing the area of enemies, the monorail and the lift will arrive.

Take the lift and ride the monorail. The monorail is different so scan it for your collection. Use the Call Box and select Transit Station. Return to Barry to open the transit system.

Once it’s open, you may opt to return to the Robinson House to build stuff and get upgrades, or you may choose to proceed to the industrial district.

Springing into Action

When you reach the industrial district, you’ll see some cranes with some girders. Break both of the girders (with Long Sot if you have to) so that they’d fall down. Climb them to proceed.

A new kind of ant monster will show up when you reach the platform with the anthill. It’s the Flame Ant, and yes, it breathes fire. Don’t be alarmed though, two zaps and they’re toast. If you haven’t noticed, the ants here respawn. That’s because there’s an Ant Spawner nearby. Scan the spawner (and a Flame Ant if you haven’t yet) and proceed. There will be a pressure plate (haven’t seen these since Egypt!) which you have to put a block over. Push the block to extend a walkway. Cross over and activate the speaker. Deal with the incoming enemies.

Ant Monsters? Gross

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Using your Long Shot, hit the cranes to deactivate the spawners. Once they’re out, kill whatever ants remain. You’re now free to proceed to Jacoby, which is your current goal. Enter his room, scan him, turn some of his stuff into components if you need, then talk to him. He’ll give you a rare component for the Transponder. Also, he’ll redirect you to Old Town for your next objective.

Return to the Monorail. You now have access to Magma Industries, and Old Town. Ignore Magma Industries for now, you’ll go there much later. Head straight to Old Town unless you want to pass by the Robinson House first.

An Old Town

When you reach Old Town, you’ll encounter those ants again. More Snipers here though. Go to the alley and break the wooden fence that’s blocking it. Continue until you see another wooden fence, break it again. The ants here shouldn’t be too much of a problem with your Varsity Gloves. Imagine if you quit the Chargeball Challenge and you’re doing 1/3 of your current damage.

Keep going and you’ll see a chest with a Disassembler energy upgrade. Continue and you’ll come across a dumpster behind a truck. Climb it, the truck, then the bakery sign to reach the roof. Kill the ants there. Disassemble the two air conditioners. Walk the ledge to a ladder, climb it. Reach the roof and scan the power pole in front of you: Power Box, and the hotel sign: Old Town Hotel Sign.

Jump over the gap and kill the ants. Break the cover on the power box and zap it to knock over the hotel sign, which you will cross over to the hotel.

At the Hotel

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Once inside the hotel, you’ll find a nearby aid station and a chest with concept art. Also there’s an elevator, with a box beside that you can scan: Elevator Power Box. Break it and zap it to activate the elevator. Enter it, scan the Elevator Pulley, and disassemble it to drop the elevator. Go down the shaft, leave the elevator, kill the ants, and proceed until you see a manhole. Climb down. Jump the following gaps and kill the Flame Ant. Head to a tunnel on the left side, there’s a chest with a blueprint. Turn around until you see a pipe. Walk on it to reach the other side and you’ll see a ladder. climb it.

You’ll come across a new red ant, the Sarge Ant. Scan him then disassemble the ice cream sign above him to eliminate him. He’ll drop the other rare component, the Transaluminum! Grab it to automatically build the Transponder remote and to end the mission.

Full Circle

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You return to the Industrial District, near Jacoby to be exact. He is easily accessible now because of his walkway. You’ll next meet a woman, the Warehouse Manager, Julia. Scan her then talk to her to initiate the quest for Havoc Gloves. Enter the warehouse and stand on the platform. Ignore the grunts because they respawn, but take out the snipers. Once the snipers are gone, you can focus your attention on the puzzle at the opposite side of the room. There are numerous activator switches, colored wither red, green or blue. use your Varsity Glove Multi-shot capability to activate the switches. Once they’re open, go to the next room to receive your new gadget: the Havoc Gloves. A tutorial window will pop-up explaining how to use your latest weapon. A new ant will appear, scan it: Army Ant. Use your new Havoc Gloves to tunnel underground to hit the ant and knock it down. Once it’s down, zap it with your Varsity Glove or go underground again with the Havoc Gloves. Heal if necessary at the nearby aid station. Head to the ramp and use yor Havoc Glove’s shockwave ability to take out the debris that’s in the way. Continue until you meet the Ice Cream Man. He’ll automatically initiate dialogue with Wilbur. Scan him once you regain control of your character.

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