Beginners Guide To Country Life Facebook Game - Play a great farming game on Facebook

Beginners Guide To Country Life Facebook Game - Play a great farming game on Facebook
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Country Life Basics

Country Life on Facebook

Country Life is one of the many farming style games you will find on Facebook. The idea behind the game is simple enough. You plow, plant, and harvest crops to make money which you can then use to expand your farm and get new crops. As you play you level up and unlock new items for your farm such as different crop types and decorations for your farm. In addition to growing crops, you can take harvested crops and feed the to animals or plug them into machines and make items to sell for additional farming income. For example you can feed a cow clover for milk production or have a beehive and make honey.

Picking Your First Crops

As you begin to farm in Country Life one of the first crops you should pick is alfalfa. This crop is recommended because you start with one free cow that eats alfalfa to produce milk. Bees also pollinate alfalfa crops and a beehive is one of the first item producers that becomes available as you level up early in the game. It makes sense then to have most if not all of your first plots of land dedicated to the alfalfa crop. As you generate the crop you can feed the excess to your cow and have milk to sell for additional income. To grow crops simply click on the plot of land you want and the store will pop up allowing you to purchase the crop for quick planting.

Making Country Life Items

Country Life on Facebook

In addition to the cows and beehives you have many other structures or animals in the game that produce items. For example you can make cheese with a cheese maker and some bottles of milk from your cow. You can make jam with a jam machine and some berry crops while the wine maker uses grape crops to produce wine. A weaver machine and some sheep on your farm helps you to produce sweaters for sale. There are numerous items you can make inside the game. By making items with your crops and other resources you will make more money in the game.

Game Items

Cows - Produce milk with alfalfa

Beehives - Pollinate crops like alfalfa and make honey

Cheese - Cheese maker and bottles of milk

Jam - Jam machine and berry crop

Sweaters - Wool from sheep and weaving machine

Ketchup - Tomatoes and ketchup machine

Wine - Wine maker and grape crop

Bread - Baker and flour from wheat crop

Chickens - Produce eggs

Expanding Your Farm

Country Life on Facebook

Like the other farming games on Facebook you can expand Country Life and enjoy a larger farm. To do this you will either need Facebook friends or game cash that you purchased. You have to start at the lowest ranch level before proceeding along to the next highest ranch level. Expansions will give you more room for crops and especially your item producers which can take up a lot of space on your farm.

Country Life Decorations

Country Life on Facebook

As you play the game you have many different decorative items that become available for your farm. You will find hale bales, fences, firepits, birdbaths, ranch bells, wheels, sundials, and other items to decorate your farm with. You can also buy cabins, cottages and other structures to complete your farm. Buildings are not available to the higher levels so you will need to play a long time before you can purchase them. The decorative item selection is not extensive but you can get your farm looking nice with the items the game provides so far. You can also add fruit trees to your farm and collect fruit for additional income streams.


Crops in the game take time to grow and you can speed up the process by buying fertilizer in the game store. This does take game cash and not coins so it’s not available to people who are not paying for the premium content of the game. You do get a free game cash with each level so if you save your cash you can buy some fertilizer. You can buy several different quantities of fertilizer and each one reduces the growth time of crops by twenty-five percent.

Country Life Neighbours

Like most Facebook games you need Facebook friends to enjoy the game to the fullest. In Country Life you can have neighbours to visit which will provide you with some coins and experience points when you visit them. To get the points and coins you will need to perform a few tasks on their farms to help them out. You can also exhange gifts with your friends and give them such things as crops to turn into finished products.


Country Life is a great Facebook farming game that is very easy to play. Using harvested crops to make game items to sell adds additional game play when you get bored of straight farming. The game has great items to decorate your farm with and the expansions provide the room you need for your machines to produce goods.