iDragons Online Magic Points Guide

Magic Points

Magic Points are the way that the developers of iDragons Online, also distributed under the moniker iKnights Online, make money through their software. These Magic Points are used to purchase Gold, a squire for your Guild or a complete energy refill once it is taxed out from Quests. These Magic Points are sold in packages through iTunes, yet you also get a few when you start out iDragons Online and through promotional offers.

Using What You Have

When using your Magic Points you need to maximize their advantage. The squire costs twenty Magic Points, which is not worth it. It is easy to add people and you do not need to spend double the amount of points on something like this. Both Gold and an energy refill are ten points. Within the twenty or thirty levels, the Gold will be the best choice since you will be looking for money that does not come attached with experience points. Once you have camped out on early levels and have reached the top of each level there on after it will not matter as much if you receive experience points and start moving forward.

In later levels Quests will give you exponentially more Gold than the amount given from The Wizard through Magic Point purchase. In this case, you may want to use the rest of your energy on Quests, then get the refill and continue through on more Quests. If you intend on doing this you may want to focus your Skill Points during leveling up on evening out your energy point allotments to fit the energy cost of high-level Quests.

Paying to Cheat

Buying Magic Points is not a good use of your money. iDragons Online is a free iPhone game that can be mastered by attentive playing. Purchasing Magic Points is expensive and is a way to cheat through the game. If you do want to buy Magic Points they can be found in the App Store by searching for iDragons Online or inside the game as it is offered.

Promotions and Redemption Codes

There will often be offers given through iDragons Online. These will often give you a banner ad that you can press on, taking you to the Featured tab in the App Store. Usually these will be asking you to download updates for the developers other games, such as iMob Online or iVampires Online. These will then give you a set sum of Magic Points. You can also try to find Redemption Codes for these and other promotional offers in iDragons Online, but it is not clear if these will be used for Magic Points or not.

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