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Starting Out in iDragons Online

by: Shane Burley ; edited by: DaniellaNicole ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Here is a comprehensive guide for beginners in iDragons Online.

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    Get Going

    Set yourself up right in iDragons Online, or in iKnights Online as it is called round the internet. Here are a few quick tips to help you kick up the flow of things right from the earliest dungeons in iDragons Online.

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    iDragons Online Quests

    The first moves in iDragons Online are to get past the first couple of levels and get some Gold in your pocket. The only way to do that from a blank slate is to go into Quests and start laying some down. Start with Cast Out Town Thieves because it does not require any weapons or items. Do this as much as you can as your current Energy point allotment will allow, then wait until you have reached a thousand in gold before making your next move. From here go to the Merchant and buy a Hunter’s Bow. This will make you eligible so that you can perform the highest level Quest allowed. This will give you the most substantial amount of Gold for the amount of Energy you expel.

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    On the Level

    As you begin leveling up you need to spend your points economically. Do not worry about adding to your Hear quite yet because fighting is not a good idea at early stages and it costs twice as much as any other statistics. Spend at least one point for each level on attack to maintain your superiority when it comes to fighting in later levels. Try to also focus in on defense and energy, but only for the first few levels as you will begin shifting your focus from Quests to the Kingdom for your money.

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    Next Step and Friend Codes

    Once you are able to perform the Rescue Princess Bride, which is the highest level Quest available in iDragons Online below level five, then you want to begin buying properties. After level five, you want to begin waiting for money to come in from the Kingdom instead of through Quests so you can slow the process of leveling up. At the same time, you should begin adding as many people to your Guild as possible. Begin posting your Friend Code around openly and trying to find as many Friend Code related web sites and services as possible.

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    Redemption Codes

    Right now there are a number of promotional features that will help you starting your iDragons Online, or iKnights Online, account. You can get twenty free Magic Points if you download the iMob 25 application, which is just an update and Respect Point addition to iMob Online. Enter in the DRAGONMASTER redemption code into iTunes to get the Red Reaper weapon in your iDragons Online account. When using your Magic Points you should use them to get money instead of more people in your Guild or energy refills as these are easy to acquire on your own. Check your iDragons Online account repeatedly in the beginning for new redemption codes that they will post within the game. These redemption codes are often advertised in iDragons Online and then links will be made into the App Store to give you the text.