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Adding People in iDragons Online

by: Shane Burley ; edited by: DaniellaNicole ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Here is a guide to adding people to your iDragons Online Guild.

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    Familiar Formatting

    iDragons Online follows the engine set forth by iMob Online and iVampires Online and in the same way is reliant on friends. Without adding other people to your iDragons Online Guild you will not move up the medieval ranks with any kind of force, or even have the ability to move on Quests. You need to hone in on adding friends right from the beginning.

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    Go to the bottom of the screen and select Invite from the bottom iDragons Online task bar. Here you have a number of different options. You can start by going to Location, which will then do a GPS search of other iDragons Online players in the area. This is an attempt by the iDragons developers to create regional unity in players, but this is not the easiest way to find other players. If you do try to do this you may want to do so in dense urban areas where the chance of large numbers of other players being near is higher.

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    Friend Codes

    The best way to add people to your iDragons Online Guild is by using Friend Codes. When you select Friend Code you will be given a menu that lists your Friend Code and gives you a slot to insert the Friend Codes of other iDragons Online players. When you enter the Friend Code of another player, a friend request will be sent to them. From here, they can choose to accept or reject your request to add them to the iDragons Online Guild. There is never any reason to reject a friend request in iDragons Online, so you should always try to add to your Guild. My code is 118081495. Try posting your friend code on as many venues as possible, especially iDragons Online message boards.

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    Redemption Codes

    The last choice in iDragons Online friend addition is through redemption coupons. This is rare so you may not want to worry about them, but if you do get wind of a friend redemption code you enter it the same way as a regular redemption code in the Redeem option. Since the option to invite friends from your Contacts was not that successful in iMob Online and iVampires Online they removed it from iDragons Online.