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Protecting Your iDragons Online Gold

iDragons Online installs a protective system almost identical to the iMob Online Bank. The iDragons Online Vault is a place where you can store your Gold earnings for protection from invading iDragons Online players. This iDragons Online Vault does not lend itself to your needs for free and at times may be the wrong choice all together. Here are some tips when considering the use of the iDragons Online Vault.

iDragons Online Vault

When you are at the iDragons Online Home menu you can find Vault right under Kingdoms and just above the healing Temple. Once you are in the iDragons Vault you will find your Account Balance listed at the very top. Just below that will be a text prompt where you can enter the Gold amount you want to deposit into your iDragons Online Vault account. The total amount of iDragons Online Gold that you have available will appear in there when you first open the Vault up, so you should change it if you do not want to deposit all of your money.

Below that will be another text prompt where you can enter an amount that you want to withdraw from the iDragons Online Vault. All deposits must be less than the amount of iDragons Online Gold you have free, and all withdrawals have to be less than the amount you have in the iDragons Online Vault account. All deposits into the iDragons Online Vault will have a fifteen percent fee taken out of them, but all withdrawals are free.

iDragons Online Tips

There are two main reasons to use the iDragons Online Vault. The first is to protect your money from iDragons Online players that may take it in Battle. This is rarely a rational concern because the amount of money they could take from you is limited and if you did the calculation posing the possibility of fights times the average amount of money taken during them you will not match the amount of money that it costs to deposit your Gold in the iDragons Online Vault. The fifteen percent deposit fee is very expensive, even amongst the standards set for all free MMO text-based iPhone RPGs.

The second main reason to use the iDragons Online Vault is that you need this Vault account to pay for the bill in the iDragons Online Temple. The iDragons Online Temple does not allow you to pay with spare Gold you have lying around, so you have to rely on your iDragons Online Vault. Though you should not be using the iDragons Online Temple on a regular basis, you should still have a pool of iDragons Online Gold to pull from when needed.

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