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iDragons Online Tips: The Temple

by: Shane Burley ; edited by: DaniellaNicole ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Here are some tips for using the healing powers of the iDragons Online Temple.

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    Healing Up

    iDragons Online, sometimes credited as iKnights Online, includes almost all of the features that people have come to expect from MMO text based iPhone RPGs from The Godfather like Girl Wars Online, Jet Fighters, and iMob Online. This does not just include Quests and the ability to Battle other iDragons Online players, but also some of the more structural functions. The Temple is one of these, acting as the location you go to heal your iDragons Online character when their hit points are down. Here are some tips for using the Temple in iDragons Online.

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    iDragons Online Vault

    The first thing you have to note is that you must put Gold into the Vault before you can use the iDragons Online Temple. The Vault is equivalent to the Bank and where you put money that you want safe from other iDragons Online players. You also have to use the iDragons Online Vault to pay the Temple as it will not allow you to pay with the Gold you have on hand. The iDragons Online Vault takes fifteen percent of incoming Gold, so be aware that it costs to put Gold in their.

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    iDragons Online Vault

    Once your Vault has resources into it just go find the iDragons Online Temple, which is directly below the Vault on the main Home page in iDragons Online. Here it will list the amount of Gold you have available and free in your iDragons Online Vault. It will then list how much Gold it will cost to heal you completely. You then make the financial exchange to heal yourself, buying this health from the Temple. If you are at full HP in your iDragons Online account then it will say “You cannot heal further” in the main part of the screen.

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    iDragons Online Tips

    Do not use the iDragons Online Temple more than is absolutely necessary. Your iDragons Online character will heal on its own, so there really is no reason to have to pay to heal unless you have a huge number of stamina points and want to continue attacking other iDragons Online characters. Be sparing with the iDragons Online Temple, as well as with putting money into your iDragons Online Vault.