Fighting off a Giant Tree & Memories of Fatima: Chapters 8 - 10 of La Pucelle Tactics: PS2 Walkthrough

Fighting off a Giant Tree & Memories of Fatima: Chapters 8 - 10 of La Pucelle Tactics: PS2 Walkthrough
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Chapter 8: To An Undiscovered Land

Now thanks to Alouette’s amazing miracle, your crew is saved from disaster yet again. In the midst of an undiscovered land, please don’t forget to fully equip your characters with quality weapons - that’s what your prica is for.

So let’s trek shall we? The Wilderness will have you encounting 6 shrooms and 1 bloom, levels at just below 20. Following that, is the Unexplored Jungle with 6 shrooms, 2 blooms and a bear. Supposedly, you won’t be at a disadvantage if you’ve properly trained your players and not just focused on one main character (hence my bias towards equally trained characters - takes more time but the wins are sweeter).

Exploring the Land

homard bad feeling

Now then, the Explorer’s Bone will mete out 4 shrooms, 2 blooms, 2 bears and 1 scary dragonshroom. The Dragonshroom is at a pricey Level 22, so your characters’ levels should be at 45 or higher. Definitely, I’m hoping they’re at 50 or more already.

You’re a gamer, so you can understand why grinding is important, especially at a time like this so if you haven’t yet - grind my friend, grind. At this point, going back to camp will give you the chance to recruit a MonyaMonya. Say yes. You might find him useful you’ll never know.

Onwards to the Cave of Ruins will have you confronting 4 jacko lanterns and 1 siren (or is she more apt to be a mermaid?) The Breath of Death is basically the same, with only two more jacko lanterns this time but basically all the same monsters that you faced off with previously.


The next map will be the one with the Level 100 enemy (and the reason for the special ending) that I’ve been talking about for a while now. If you’ve been following what I’m saying, your characters are basically at levels 50 or higher by now. This will be a little difficult as the creature can heal. Braveheart will be a useful buff at this point, while group attacks and healing is totally crucial. Make sure you’ve got a game saved before attempting this area.

Exploring the Land


Ok so what do we have to face here? 3 other enemies aside from the tree stump looking enemy. Now, what you can do is have all your characters rush at the creature and attack in a group. Position Prier directly in front or directly beside the monster, making sure that the other 5 characters surround her. Make sure you use execute and not end turn to make your moves. Have Eclair and Croix stand behind Prier or beside her and attack normally. This will include Prier in their attacks and add damage to the creature. Before hand, have either Alouette or Culotte duke out some Braveheart on her, thus doubling her attack meter. Think about this for your first turn in attacking your creature. The remaining characters will use their special abilities to attack and Alouette, depending on whether the creature retaliates can heal.

Usually, if your characters at a level of 50 or higher this sort of blitz attack will take you about a maximum of 5 turns and a minimum of 3 with little or no casualties at all. Defintiely though, you’ll end up killing your monster and since, its really ok to kill off your players as long as one is left standing, you don’t have anything to worry about.

Having defeated the creature, you’re guaranteed a special ending (unless you fail the next areas which is impossible now) for sure. All that’s left now is to wipe out the rest of the monsters.

Picking up the Pieces

an undiscovered land

Life and Death will be your next map, with 8 Jacko Lanterns just begging to be whipped. Afterwards, its off To a Foreign Land where you’ll deal with 4 Udines and a Wyvern with levels capping at 25. So basically the rule of having your characters least level at more than double the strongest monster still applies. Which basically means, this area will be nothing but easy pickings.

That’s the last area for this level and now it’s time to move onward! Special ending rewards you with 200 000 pricas and the Goddess Ring. So congratulations and I’ll see you at the next level guide.

Chapter 9: Memories of Fatima


Exiting the Cave of Ruins leads you to a village called Couscous. Since this is a new continent there is no way for you to get to the Rosenqueen at home. Fortunately, there is a shop where you are and they carry items you ‘ll need. Stock up on good equipment and then head on to your first map. When you get there, you’ll be greeted by friendly people and what not - even inviting you to spend the night at their place. Unfortunately, this village holds a dark secret. A Dark Lord is manipulating everyone and even brainwashed the villagers to attack your party. Prier, ever the white knight insists that no villager be harmed. Can it be done? Maybe, maybe not.

Here’s the deal, there are 8 gargoyles and 1 demon lord. You need to take out the demon lord WITHOUT harming the villagers. How do you do that? Take out the Demon Lord in one turn. Start by sending out a decoy for your gargoyles to feast on And then have your people take him out. (Which is actually easy compared to the next map).


Awakened Warrior

Woooooh boy! This is where all those leveling has paid off. Didn’t I tell you to invest in your characters? Anyway, here you’ll be given the same requirements as earlier only you’ll just be using Croix. Basically, seeing Prier attacked has triggered some sort of memory in Croix thus revealing his true identity, the Dark Prince! Use one of your main abilities from the base tile and avoid the villagers as much as you can. The most probable attack you can use is banish. It’s imperative that you don’t kill the gargoyles / villagars otherwise you’ll be losing all chances of getting the good ending.

Anyway, completing this will move you onwards to the next chapter with some interesting realizations. You can have 38000 prica’

Chapter 10: The Dark Prince

villagers of ghost vilalge

ghost boss

You will be heading to the ghost village this time. Talk to the people and then move on to Choux Fleur Hill for your first battle with a Demon Lord in this chapter.It’s that annoying Tempete again. Anyway he’s at a level 32, by now you should be at 70 or higher so this won’t be hard at all. Take out all your enemies and then move on to the next area.

After finishing off the Demon Lord you’ll be transported back in time, to where Prier’s lookalike, Angelique exists. Anyway, watch this chapter it’s really really cool and I’ll try not to spoil you so much this time.

Meeting Angelique


This will probably be the only time I’ll detail what you have to do in a chapter but it’s pretty crucial so… Go and buy a couple of angel shoes if you can afford, which by now I’m sure you can and then equip it on the character aside from your main character that has the highest movement. For me, that was Papillion. Why is this important? Because in the succeeding areas, you’re not allowed to kill any of the enemies. Your main goal is to get to the next area which is of course at the other side of the grid. If you have a couple of weak monsters, lay them out so the monsters will follow them and then just head on over to the next map. Since you’re equipped with 4 angel shoes, that should be a faster task than it usually should be.

If you’ve been leaving the Chocolat Crew alone and Monya Monya - you’ll actually have a lot of decoys set up. The first map will have 6 soldiers all within the 23-27 area level.This number is pretty much similar to area 2 so you won’t be unfamiliar with the tactics.

angelique attacl

The third hill is where it gets difficult. 9 enemies with a bunch of them blocking your path. Anyway have a decoy ready and Papillion taking the longer route to get to the event tile and you’ll be scots free.

Chapter ends here, now that we know about the Dark Prince, it’s time we learn about the Maiden of Light. Click on the next article in the series to continue.

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