Chapters 11 & 12 of the La Pucelle Tactics Walkthrough: The Maiden of Light

Chapters 11 & 12 of the La Pucelle Tactics Walkthrough: The Maiden of Light
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Chapter 11:The Maiden of Light

After that little twist in the story, say bye bye to Croix for the moment and yes subsequently Prier and Alouette as well. Now didn’t I say having your other characters leveled up will be important? This is why!

Now you have to deal with the monsters that have appeared at Mayonnaise Harbor. Equip the items Prier, Alouette and Croix left behind on your 3 other characters and yes this time, draw out other monsters to the fight as well. If you want to, you can actually go back and train to boost your levels. However, if you’ve already been doing that bit by bit in the previous levels it won’t be difficult to accomplish anymore.

Once you get there, Hermes will proposition Culotte and Eclair. Its a great chance for the them to level up. Also, there’s a little matter of the Cave of Trials opening up. You can go there and train if you want to, as the monsters are really strong and well, you kinda need all the buffs you can get even with a pretty stable level already. Try levelling up your decoys at the Hell’s Stomach or head on here and confront the areas as a group. Either way, look for the most optimal levelling strategy for you.

Cave of Trials

area unknown yet

If you’re still interested in the cave of trials. Here’s the particulars for it. The first part will have 11 monsters, with the lowest level being 27 and the highest possible at 35. This would be a good way for you to train and beef up the skills you have.

Area 2 will have 9 enemies, the lowest at 35 and the strongest at 50. Each time you take these critters out, remember to use abilities as much as you can. Level them up so you can deal stronger damages when you get to Mayonnaise Harbor.

The third cave will be significantly more difficult, 18 enemies each with levels higher than level 70. Again, deal with them by using your skills so you get to gain experiences for your skills as well as level up faster. Now the fourth cave will probably be the last cave you can finish without your 3 other characters. Even then it will be quite a challenge. 13 whooping monsters with levels at 70 -90. Still your 3 supporting characters will probably be able to finish them off, although it might take longer and harder than with your best three.

Didn’t I say the last area was impossible without your other characters? Here’s why… You’ll have 15 enemies, with the weakest at 110 and the strongest at level 500. If you want to, which is actually what I did - have your characters focus on killing one monster (the zombie) at a time, with a decoy ready to flee once the going gets tough. Just keep healing and then going back there. it will be a fast level up process but kinda tedious what with going back to the world map and all.

Levelling up Culotte and Eclair

Anyway, back to the story at hand. At Hermes’ Room, Eclair and Culotte will have a chance to get stronger. There’s 5 zombies and the dark Eclair to content with here. Only Eclair and Culotte will be available to you, but that’s hardly a problem if you’ve significantly leveled up as I’ve suggested. Level 34 should be nothing but a thorn on your side.

Finally, the real match! Eclair will definitely be stronger and Culotte will be adorable with a rocket kitty as his friend. *snickers*

At the Mayonnaise Harbor, with your characters pretty much solidly leveled, there’s really no trouble as you face off with 3 sirens, 2 succubi and a Demon Lord. Also, take this opportunity to test out the skills your characters have learned. A good skill to take use of is Homard’s burning soul which does 10x damage to his enemy.

Battling Dark Croix

Salade Demon

Once you’re done with the Harbor, rush back to the Church for the supposed final battle. Prier will have snapped out of her stupor by now and Alouette will be ready to die for you guys. A great bonus to this area is Father Salade, who has a really strong attack base. There will 4 bats, 2 gargoyle, an acolyte and the Dark Prince. You’re strong and you’re agile so however way you decide to face this area, you’ll be winning for sure.

Good ending means you get 57 000 pricas. Since the game is starting to wrap up, you should really spend your time watching the cutscenes as they’ve played out pretty well. Anyway, on to the last chapter!

Chapter 12 A Legend is Born

noir dpne

Ooops! Seems the final battle isn’t really the final battle we thought it to be! Noir has some pretty sick plans for Croix and you need to stop that. After all, Prier has to save him! So let’s go to the Angel’s Gate and deliver a serious amount of whoopass to your enemies.

4 Krackens and 2 dark warriors at levels below 40? Is this a joke? Come on you can’t have any trouble with this, you’re basically a fortess of power!

The Demon’s Nest is basically the same walk in the park for you. 4 Zombies, 2 Dark Warriors and a Monshroom all still at levels below 40. You can take your time or do a blitz here, either way the result will show you winning the map.

The Bloody Corridor will have more enemies and yes a stronger enemy (Dagon 43) but that’s still no match for you, so just trample over them to get to Angel’s Dreams. At this area, with 9 enemies waiting to strike and be beaten to a pulp, you’ll have no trouble at all. After all, its just 4 redcaps, box monsters and a Pandora in your way.

Now if you want to, you can go finish the last training cave at the Cave of Trials with your group fully intact. Level them all up, I expect nothing but strong leveled characters from you. Can you go beyond a hundred per main character? I’m sure you can!

Extra Features

angels gate

Now, if you want to finish the game right now, you can do it. Otherwise you can actually go to Dark Portal, attain titles and just basically grind like mad. However, if you’re itching to know how the story ends, then let’s get a move on back to Heaven’s Light. There’s just one enemy here, and Homard will be the one to take him out. So use Burning Soul to clear him down and move on.

Now at the Angel Gate Top, your goal is really just to get to the next area. Although you do have the option to defeat your enemies, it’s not really something you should be concerning yourself with. There are 5 Dimensional Gates to get past to. Once you’re at the third gate, there are four ways you can go with only one path that leads to where you want to go and that’s the portal to your right.

Time for Farewells


croix prier

Finally, you’ll reach the Dimensional Shrine where yeah you can lay some heavy hurt on your enemies in return for not touching the monsters you passed on the way. There are 5 enemies, with Noir as the strongest at 64. Now then, you’ll be wanting to take your time here maybe deal with one boss at a time just for the heck of it. Or you can do a blitz, which is something I enjoy.

After defeating Noir, its time to deal with Croix. Just like Eclair you need to purify his heart. Defeat the Dark Croix at level 40, which is actually the dark angel Calamity. Easy easy, take her out and watch the final credits. Prier finally admits her feelings to Croix, Alouette says goodbye and well a lot of things that have to be saved for the players who get to this final area. All I can say is, it was one heck of a game and I’m glad I could have helped y’all out. Till then, toodles!

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