PS2 Walkthrough La Pucelle Tactics: A Child's Promise - Chapters 2 - 4

PS2 Walkthrough La Pucelle Tactics: A Child's Promise - Chapters 2 - 4
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Chapter 2: A Child’s Promise

Chapter 2 deals with your party dealing with a string of murders with the victims' heart being ripped out. Here you’ll actually learn more about the relationships of the characters you’re playing, and develop more of an investment in the game.

By this time, I hope you’ve managed to get your characters levels up as you’ll be losing Cullote at the start of this game. Ordinarily, a level of 10 for your characters will do, but since I’m a grinder by nature, Prier was already level 17 by this time. (excessive I know)

mt tarte

Anyway, start the Foot of Mt Tarte where you’ll face of with 6 blooms and 1 bear. With Culotte gone, you’re one member short. You can either purify one of the monsters here to your side or in my case, be strong enough to take out enemies with just you and Alouette. Also, pick up the Treasure Chest in this map, you’ll never know what you can get. If you’re characters aren’t strong enough be very careful of the claw attack of the bear as it does deal significant damage to your characters.

Losing Culotte

mt tarte side

Head back out to the World Map, heal yourself before going ahead to the Spring of Mercy. Another cutscene here, this time involving Sister Olive and the appearance of her dead mother. If you’re keen you’ll actually understand how the killer was able to do away with his victims at this point. Anyway… There’s 5 Blooms, a Big bear and a Fairy Fire, along with a treasure chest in this map.

father salade impostor

It’s important to follow the pattern in areas that this guide will mark for you, meaning DONT go the Mysterious Path before the Spring of Mercy, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to get the Good Ending in this chapter.

At the Mysterious Path, you’ll be coming face to face (figuratively) with your suspect. Before you go off and run after him, there is the matter of the 6 blooms and 2 bears blocking your path. :P Oh, and reward yourself with another yummy treasure chest!

A New Member - Croix Raoul

child promise boss

The next cutscene at the side of Mt Torte will feature Cullote and his falling prey to the suspect. Of course before anything else, Prier will come to the rescue. Also, Croix will finally appear and join your party! That is of course, if you can take out the 7 blooms, 3 big bears and 2 fairy fire to be actually worthy enough to do so.

With Croix finally in your party, be ready to take out the Gargoyle and his posse of 6 blooms, 2 fairy fires and 2 big zombies to be able to rescue Culotte and bring to justice what has occurred. Think like your enemies and deal with the weaklings first if you want to, or go for the kill and finish off the Gargoyle first but whatever option you choose, don’t forget to purify some portals for extra Pricas.

battling blooms

After this level, you’ll be able to understand the motives of the guy behind all these deaths, and actually learn something valuable about loss, love and what people do when they try or fail to come to terms with it. Sniff, sniff. A game with morals.

Anyhoo!! Voila chapter done and with a good ending to boot! Be proud of yourself and watch the following cutscene before we move to chapter 3.

Chapter 3: Prier and Alouette

chapter 3

Finally understanding that the Church of the Divine Mother is behind the evil energy cropping up in the kingdom, Salade will instruct you to go to the Palace and relay the info. Once there you’ll meet Eclair a future ally, and then back again to the Church where you’ll hear about the strange occurrences in Meuniere Forest.

By now I’m hoping your characters are well about level 15 at the start of the chapter and if possible 20 or higher. If not, well train. You never go wrong with training. Now, at the forest entrance there will be 5 bats, a hippo and a box. YOu’ll know that your characters are still weak if you can’t even get a hit on the box monster (or gremlin, what is it really?) So yeah, take em out and deal with some miracles if you want to.

Now head on to the forest of grief, 7 bats and 2 hippos this time. There’s also that event tile that’s just waiting to be pressed so better attend to that. There you’ll be meeting a monster who’s been hurt and has lost something valuable. Pledge to look for the Kinoku Jiro in order to get a good ending as well as a new area on your world map.

The Arrival of a Shroom

meniure forest

Now then, the forest of judgment actually has 2 event tiles. One of which will show Prier and company finding the Kinoku Jiru. Careful here as the 4 hippos love putting their enemies to sleep. Other than you have no problem really, what with 4 bats and a box left to deal with. Oh and other than the Kinoku Event tile, The other event tile will show CUlotte meeting a cute kitty (you’ll see him later on in the game again) and Prier not believing him. Once you’re done with that, go back to the Forest of Grief and return the essence to the shroom.

After giving the essence, head on over to Barsom’s House (there’s another event tile here) and deal with 6 hippos, 2 bats and a box. Again, careful with hippos as they tend to put their enemies to sleep A LOT.

menuire forest et

This next event tile at Barsom’s will show a sighting of the monster and the doubts of the party as to who really is the bad guy here. Is it the monster, or were those wounded ‘victims’ really up to something else?

Regardless of what opinion you’ll pose, you’ll need to deal with the monsters at the Endless Forest at some point. Be forewarned, there’s a box and 4 hippos as well as bats this time.

Burying the Hatchet

3 end

Now, once you’re done with this event head back to town immediately. If you don’t you’ll risk the chance of getting a good ending for this game. Going back will reveal the true identity of the victims and their plans with the beast of the forest.

Get to the Shrine of Beasts just in time to see the gargoyle dealing heavy damage to the Lord of Menuire Forest. Take him out (level 11 so if you follow my plan, you don’t really need to worry about him) as well as 4 bats, 3 hippos and 2 boxes.

Depending on whether you talked to the NPCs or not, you will be able to rescue the monster. If you do, you’ll get a good ending and a chance to see Alouette perform a spanking miracle.

Tada! Chapter 3 done and hatchets buried! Isn’t this just lovely? Now, get ready and if I were you, I’d train super hard because chapter four has a special ending we just need to get!

Chapter 4: A Gigantic Problem

a giant problem


Didn’t I say we needed to train? Well here’s why. This chapter is one of the few instances in the game where you can get a SPECIAL ending. But to do this, you’ll need to defeat a level 40 whale. If you’ve followed my advice and have your characters at least at level 20 (with Prier higher) then this will be a cinch. Of course, having healers will be essential and decoys (if you really need to). So train up, head to the devil’s stomach kill each other off or if you want to, enter the dark world to really level up. Regardless, I recommend having your characters at a level higher than the usual 10 that most forums will suggest. I believe my weakest character was 25 and Prier was already capping 36 at that time. How’d I do it? Party kills and Dark Worlds.

So anyway yeah, I’m not going to suggest running away so forget about it. Remember to save of course so you can check whether your characters are strong enough to handle the whale and all the monsters that riddle your path. There are 5 treasure chests here if you’re willing to go after them. Braveheart, healing and actual tactics will be useful here. So boom boom boom, you can do it! You can set up a decoy to attract the monsters to it, or have everyone take on the monster as group. Whichever decision you want, make sure you’ve taught it through. As for me, I’m a basher by nature and a healer by heart. So attack as a group and have special attacks do the trick and this monster will be easy pickings!

Is it worth all the trouble? Hooboy! It won’t be a special ending if it wasn’t right?

Air Pirates and Cat Crews


homard giant

The funny thing is, now that you’ve actuallly ground your players' level so high, this next area will be a cinch. Still, don’t stop levelling. There’s nothing wrong with being too strong (at least not in this game!). Anyway.. apparently, the pirates are the meanies here and this time you need to rescue the same whale you killed in the previous area. Homard is level 13 at this point and so weak compared to your level. Yattanya is at 11 and all other kitties *the Chocolat Crew* will be at level 8. Easy pickings ladies and gents.

Things will clear up after this level. Homard isn’t really a bad guy after all! Anyhoo… go to the church and find out that the whale was actually a manifestation of Rocini’s *the sick boy* power and the sickness he has can only be cured by the Kinoku Jiru (the very same one you gave to the shroom a chapter ago). So now you have to go to Eringa Valley to retrive the cure, fight vicious dragons (not so vicious after you dealt with a level 40 monster actually)

Curing Rocini


boss 4

So anyway, go to Mt Champaignon where Elizabeth the shroom will try to sell you the cure for a fortune. Screw that! Get going and just clear the area here - beginning with Lotsa Mushrooms.

Here you’ll encounter your first Dragonshroom, a ghost and 5 shrooms. There’s a treasure chest here so that’s great. The next area, Mushroom Festival will have double the number of dragonshrooms and treasure chests. Also, count in the puny ghosts (there are two) and 4 shrooms before you clear this area too.

Anyway, after this area, you’ll get to battle another gargoyle from the Church of the Divine Mother. If you defeat him and his cronies (2 ghosts and 3 shrooms), the shrooms in Eringa Valley will be so grateful to you that they’ll give the Essence for free, thus enabling you to cure Rocini! Aside from that, the Mushroom Ring given to you will allow you to go back anytime you want to Eringa Valley, to train and yeah to shop too!

Didn’t I tell you this would be a special chapter? Defeating the whale monster grants you access to the special ending, 50 000 pricas and gorgeous angel shoes that will bump up your move by 3.

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