La Pucelle Tactics's Hairy Situation, Fatima & Homard and the Sky Pirates: Walkthrough for Chapters 5-7

La Pucelle Tactics's Hairy Situation, Fatima & Homard and the Sky Pirates: Walkthrough for Chapters 5-7
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Chapter 5: A Hairy Situation

Remember the cutscene earlier with the Meniuire Forest about the woodcutter losing his hair? Well that was a prequel to this chapter. I don’t really need to explain the need to level up because I’m sure the previous chapter has proven that high leveled characters are great for the game. Anyway, go back to the forest and encounter these mounds of walking hair. Clear the first 10 of them at the forest entrance before going back to the city. Talk to people, talk to everyone, eventually you’ll get a clue as to what’s happening (and yeah this is essential to acquire the good ending).

Beard Dance furry

So here’s what you need to do. After going back to town and talking to Barsom’s girlfriend. COnfront him at his house - via the Event Tile there.

10 more furries will await you, deal with them before once again going back to town. Seems tedious but this is the only way to get a good ending here. After talking to Suzanne again, and getting her answer head back to Barsom’s for the third and final time.

Nag Nag Nag

rub rub

meeting suzanne

Here you’ll see Barsom and the real bad guy conversing. From what you’ve found out, the supplier of the hair tonic is a member of the Church of the Divine Mother. He’s using Barsom’s love for Suzanne to fuel more dark energies in the forest, following the failed attempt on the King of Beasts' life. Interrupt them to finally get the game cracking. Unfortunately, Suzanne has had a calling of the conscience and she’s come to look for Barsom in the forest. Now the game will start and you have two very very creatures you need to protect. Don’t get them killed otherwise you’ll ruin any chance of getting the good ending.

Boss Fight



If you can, take Belial out (he’s level 17 so compared to your character who I’ll be assuming to be at least twice his level now or higher) and the 10 furries around him. You need to protect Barsom and Suzanne though. Make sure they don’t die. So how will you do that? You have two options here, either take Belial out on the first turn OR make sure you get your healers close enough to the both of them to heal them in case something goes awry. Of course, the essential here is to take out the furries along the way. Now, since monster spawning for this area is uber random, let’s hope you get enemies a good distance away from your lovers. If not, reset. Or try your luck.

Anyway, saving them will grant you a good ending and the lovers a second chance at a relationship. Oh and as a bonus? Prier will start developing feelings for Croix.

Chapter 6: The Journey Begins


Poitreene and Alouette

Chapter 6 begins with Alouette getting a visit from the goddess Poitreene and the cryptic clue about a place called Fatima. Now you’ll head to Cresson Castle and bargain for a chance to look at the Library if you eradicate the problems in the castle.

Apparently, there’s some sort of dark knight roaming the Palace at night. Take him out and you get access to the Great Library. The Dark Knight is Eclair and to help her, you need to purify the darkness in her heart. So where else do we end up but in her heart!

Begin at the Courtyard where the portals seems to scream Miracle me! But remember you need to have enemies within the portal for it to work, so changeup and positioning will be your friend. Afterwards you’ll be left with a few enemies left. Particularly, 2 of the 8 fairy fires and wisps as well as the Dark Knight. The Dark Knight is level 18, need I repeat how my strategy is by now when it comes to player levels?

Inside Eclair’s Heart

Now then, inside the heart start with the Closed one. 5 Giant Zombies, so if you want - make it a 1:1 ratio of zombie-player. Each time you clear a part of Eclair’s heart you will see her voicing out her thoughts and opinions so its good to pay attention to that.

The next area is the Resigned Heart with 5 giant zombies plus an extra Salamander. The Fleeing Heart is exactly the same as the Resigned Heart, with just a different starting area. It’s actually a mirror of the Resigned Heart so you’ll know the setup by now. The Lying Heart is almost the same, with only the addition of the Sir Zombie to block your path.

Finally confront the Dark Eclair and realize you need to defeat her in order to save Eclair. The number of enemies here will equal the Lying Heart plus the Dark Eclair. She’s a level 19 lancer so double up and take her out.

After this confrontation, and some realizations about how she’s treating her daughter - the queen will let your party into the Great Library now. So hooray!


Hermes the Neutral


Begin with the Hidden Library, there’s 9 Jacko Lanterns here and 1 Halloween. Pretty cut and dry just take out the enemies and move on to the next area. Don’t forget to level - train yourselves and keep on trying for the Dark World, it’s really one of the easiest ways to level up.

Finally, the Maze of Books. The Pumpkin King here can be recruited to your party only IF you want to. Now, I found that the library is actually a great place to train so you might just want to be here for a couple more times.


Getting to the library means talking to Hermes. Unfortunately, he won’t help out if you don’t give him something in return. So head on over to Mt. Tarte and claim a nice piece of gemstone. Also, Homard and his crew of Air Pirates as well as Eclair will join your party so fun fun :D

Now, if you need to do any business in the city or do some major training its best to do so now, as what follows next will take you away from the mainland for a long while. (Oh and did I mention that in one of the preceding chapters, another SPECIAL, meaning uber hard ending awaits?)

Chapter 7: A Dance in the Sky


Aboard the Escargot, a Dark Count seems to have sabotaged the ship. Count Seville, Tempete, seems to want to do anything he can to stop your crew from reaching Fatima! But yeah before you reach him, you’ll need to clear the various parts of the ship too. If you haven’t been training yet, I suggest you do so now, as the subsequent chapter will be the special ending one I told you about.

demon attack

Anyway, the Escargot first! Start with the First Passage, 5 bats and 1 box demon will block your path. The ship’s mess will be bigger than the First Passage by an extra Big Bat in your path. Beyond that is a dead end, so head on to the food storage room. The food storage room will be slightly harder with 2 boxes, 5 bats and one bigger bat waiting to attack.

Training Tips

Take this time to train Eclair and level your characters up as you’ll sorely be needing it. Now then, after each area don’t forget to heal yourself by going to the main brig.

Now then, I’ve never really mentioned anything about fighting tactics but I’m sure by now you’ve realized that attacking as a party if you’re grouped together is great and a special attack is better. So utilize that to your full advantage. Check your player levels. Who’s stronger and weaker at this point? Try to make sure the levels are spread evenly, meaning they’re all very strong. While there is something to say about mid-level characters or just one majorly strong character, wouldn’t it be better if they were all so strong?

Right, so I’ve finished with my suggestion and it’s back to the guide. You’ll be going to the Second Passage now and 8 enemies, all belonging to the flying mammal family are just waiting to be turned into bat stew. The Armory preceding the Passage however will have 4 bats and 5 boxes this time. Don’t forget the portals and creating miraCles whenever the situation arises.

Engine Room Trouble

croix pe

After these rooms, all that will remain is the Engine Room where the boss fight awaits you. 4 bats, 2 bigger bats, a box and a ghost accompany the level 22 Tempete, so I’m really hoping you trained and leveled up. The Ghost enemy does splash damage attacks, so if your players are weakers be prepared to say byebye for now. Special attacks will be the most useful if its one-on-one and of course the group attacks if you’re all knit together. When the boss is finally defeated, you’ll find that this chapter has the most amusing cutscenes in the course of La Pucelle with one part involving Croix and his attempt at trying to out the fire on his own.

Anyway, gratz! You’re halfway through the game and by now have reached a pretty high level (I’m hoping 40-50ish). You get a nifty item as well as 23000 purica for completing this chapter.

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