Pokemon Black and White Mistralton City Gym Guide

Pokemon Black and White Mistralton City Gym Guide
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Pokemon Black and White Mistralton City Gym Guide - The Gym

Clyde is hanging out at the front of the Gym to yet again provide you with a cool, crisp Fresh Water recovery item. This invigorating drink heals your Pokemon for 50 points of damage.

Mistralton Gym is modeled after an air force hangar, which is appropriate since this Gym specializes in Flying-type Pokemon. Even more appropriate to the theme is the mode of transportation you’ll be using to traverse the Gym floor: cannons. When you climb into a cannon, whichever direction you entered from is also the direction you’ll be launched. Enter a cannon from the left side and you’ll be shot to the left, etc. Some cannons will move you closer to Gym Leader Skyla, while others will blast you towards the other resident Pokemon trainers.

There are five trainers to defeat in the Mistralton City Gym. Worker Arnold uses a level 33 Swoobat, and Worker Brady has both a level 32 Woobat and level 32 Ducklett. Worker Cliff’s team consists of two level 32 Tranquills. Pilot Chase uses a level 33 Unfezant, and Pilot Ted has both a level 32 Ducklett and level 32 Sigilyph.

Pokemon Black and White Mistralton City Gym Guide - Gym Leader

Mistralton Gym

After you’ve reached Gym Leader Skyla’s platform be prepared to face her three Flying-type Pokemon. Electric, Ice, and Rock-type Pokemon are super effective against Flying-type, so add some to your team if you’ve got them. Unlike most other Gym Leaders, only one of Skyla’s Pokemon knows her signature move: Acrobatics. Acrobatics is a Flying-type attack that deals increased damage if the Pokemon using it is not holding an item.

Skyla’s first Pokemon is a level 33 Swoobat. Swoobat will dish out some significant damage with the Acrobatics maneuver as it is not holding an item. Aside from that it is not very powerful and should be dispatched with ease.

Her second Pokemon is a level 33 Unfezant. Unfezant is the fully evolved form of Pidove. It has high Speed and Attack statistics, but very low Special Attack. Since most of Unfezant’s moves rely on its below average Special Attack statistic, it doesn’t pose much of a challenge.

Skyla’s third and final Pokemon is a level 35 Swanna. Swanna isn’t too powerful, but can heal itself with Aqua Ring. Since Swanna is both Flying and Water-type, if you use an Electric-type Pokemon against it you will deal quadruple damage.

Skyla has two Hyper Potions in her inventory, and they can be used to heal her Pokemon for 200 points of damage.

Pokemon Black and White Mistralton City Gym Guide - Reward

Once you’ve defeated all of Skyla’s birds of prey you’ll be awarded the Jet Badge. With this badge in your possession all Pokemon level 70 and below will obey your commands with steadfast loyalty. You’ll also receive TM62, a Technical Machine that teaches your Pokemon the Acrobatics attack.

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All screenshots/references from Nintendo’s Pokemon Black and White and author’s own experience.

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