Pokemon Black and White Icirrus City Gym Guide

Pokemon Black and White Icirrus City Gym Guide
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Pokemon Black and White Icirrus City Gym Guide - The Gym

With six Gyms left crumbling and devastated in your wake you should know the pre-Gym drill by now. Speak to Clyde to get another free Fresh Water recovery item that can be used to heal your Pokemon for 50 hit points.

Icirrus City Gym specializes in Ice-type Pokemon, a fact made evident by the frosty, frozen interior. Navigating this slippery Gym floor involves sliding across sheets of ice. There are curved ramps that alter your direction as you slip and slide around, as well as switches that rotate the ramps to open new paths. If you skate into a wall or other surface you will stop, allowing you to change directions as well. Along the way there are of course numerous Pokemon trainers to battle.

Icirrus Gym is home to six Pokemon trainers in total, more than any other Gym so far. Battle Girl Miriam uses a level 37 Cryogonal, and Battle Girl Chandra has two level 36 Vanillishes. Battle Girl Mikiko’s team consists of a level 36 Cubchoo and level 36 Vanillish. Black Belt Grant uses two level 35 Cubchoos and a level 35 Cryogonal. Black Belt Kendrew uses a level 37 Cubchoo, and Black Belt Thomas has a level 36 Cubchoo and level 36 Vanillish.

Pokemon Black and White Icirrus City Gym Guide - Gym Leader

Icirrus Gym

Once you’ve managed to gracefully glide your way across the icy Gym floor you’ll reach Gym Leader Brycen. Brycen’s three Pokemon are all Ice-type, so if you have any Fire, Rock, Steel, or Fighting-type Pokemon, they will all be super effective against Brycen’s critters. His signature move is Frost Breath, an Ice-type attack that always lands a critical hit, unless it’s used against Pokemon with abilities that negate critical hits, such as Battle Armor or Shell Armor.

Brycen’s first Pokemon is a level 37 Vanillish. It is a pretty weak Pokemon overall, but it does know the aforementioned Frost Breath attack. As long as you don’t bring a Pokemon that is susceptible to Ice you should be able to withstand the Vanillish with ease.

The second Pokemon on Brycen’s roster is a level 37 Cryogonal. It has a very high Special Defense statistic, but also a low regular Defense statistic. Stick to physical attacks and it should fall quickly, though be wary again of that nasty Frost Breath attack.

Brycen’s third and final Pokemon is a level 39 Beartic. This powerful beast doesn’t know Frost Breath, but it can still deal out significant damage with the Icicle Smash maneuver. If you’ve brought any Fire or Rock-type Pokemon to this fight due to their effectiveness against Ice-type, Beartic’s Water-type Brine attack can eliminate them fairly quickly.

Brycen has two Hyper Potions in his inventory, and they can be used to heal his Pokemon for a massive 200 points of damage.

Pokemon Black and White Icirrus City Gym Guide - Reward

After thawing out Gym Leader Brycen’s three Ice-type Pokemon you’ll be awarded the coveted Freeze Badge. With this badge in your collection Pokemon level 80 and below will obey you without question. You’ll also be granted TM79, a Technical Machine that teaches your Pokemon the Frost Breath attack.

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All screenshots/references from Nintendo’s Pokemon Black and White and author’s own experience.

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