Pokemon Black and White Opelucid City Gym Guide

Pokemon Black and White Opelucid City Gym Guide
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Pokemon Black and White Opelucid City Gym Guide - The Gym

You’ve battled your way through countless Pokemon trainers, Gym Leaders, and innocent preschoolers to finally arrive at the eighth and final Gym: Opelucid City Gym. Clyde is here to give you one last Fresh Water recovery item. This beverage heals your Pokemon for 50 points of damage.

The interior of Opelucid Gym is designed like a winding maze. You’ll need to stumble through the branching halls and press switches to reveal new pathways. These switches are on top of dragon head platforms that shift when the switches are pressed, allowing you to continue onward. There are of course Pokemon trainers to impede your progress, and Opelucid is home to far more than any other previous Gym so far.

There are eight Pokemon trainers to defeat in total. Opelucid Gym specializes in Dragon-type Pokemon, all of which are formidable opponents. Veteran Hugo has a level 42 Druddigon to contend with, while Veteran Kim has both a level 40 Fraxure and level 41 Fraxure. Ace Trainer Clara uses a level 41 Fraxure. Ace Trainer Dara uses a level 40 Deino and level 40 Druddigon. Ace Trainer Webster has a level 41 Fraxure, and Ace Trainer Olwen uses a level 41 Deino. Ace Trainer Jose’s team consists of two level 40 Fraxures. Finally, Ace Trainer Tom has three Pokemon: a level 39 Deino, a level 39 Fraxure, and a level 39 Druddigon.

Pokemon Black and White Opelucid City Gym Guide - Gym Leader

Opelucid Gym

Opelucid Gym has two reigning Gym Leaders, and who you battle is dependent on which version of Pokemon Black and White you’re playing. If you are playing Black Version you will fight Drayden, and if you are playing White Version you will fight Iris. This difference is strictly aesthetic, as both Leaders use identical teams of Pokemon. All three of their Pokemon are Dragon-type, which are only weak against Ice-type and other Dragon-types.

First up is a level 41 Fraxure. The only difference between this Fraxure and the ones you fought on the Gym floor is the signature Dragon Tail ability. This move deals Dragon-type damage and also forces you to switch your active Pokemon. It also knows Dragon Dance, a maneuver that raises both its Attack and Speed statistics. If the fight lasts long enough for this move to be used multiple times Fraxure will start shredding apart your combatants.

Drayden/Iris' second Pokemon is a level 41 Druddigon. Druddigon is a slow dragon, but it is strong and has high defense. If you have any Ice-type Pokemon now would be the time to use them, otherwise you’re forced to chip away at its health bit by bit.

Last on the roster is a level 43 Haxorus. This beast is extremely strong with a very high Attack statistic. To make matters worse, it also possesses the Dragon Dance ability. Focus on bringing it down as quickly as possible before it can boost its statistics astronomically.

Both Iris and Drayden have two Hyper Potions in their inventory. These potions heal their Pokemon for 200 points of damage.

Pokemon Black and White Opelucid City Gym Guide - Reward

Breathe easy once Drayden and Iris are defeated, for you have now made it successfully through the eight Unova Gyms! For conquering Opelucid City Gym you are awarded the Legend Badge. With this badge in your possession Pokemon level 100 and below will now obey you loyally. You’ll also be given TM82, a Technical Machine that teaches your Pokemon the Dragon Tail attack.

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All screenshots/references from Nintendo’s Pokemon Black and White and author’s own experience.

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