How To Take Care Of Your Sims 2 Baby - Tips To Caring For Your Baby in The Sims 2

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Once it is apparent that your Sim is now pregnant, and there will be an addition to your “Sim family”, some of us will start buying all the items our little Sim baby needs. After the baby has arrived, it will become obvious that a baby Sim is quite different to handle than an adult Sim.

First of all, Sim babies cannot be controlled by the gamer. This can be quite frustrating if you ever would like to command the baby to do something. Since they are babies, the environment also does not affect them, and there is no need to worry about having to provide for their comfort levels.

As in the real or simulated world, the biggest concern about having a baby is making sure it is not neglected, and has enough to eat. Within the Sims 2 game, if the baby does not receive enough social interaction, or it does not receive enough food, a social worker will visit the family, and take the Sim baby away. If this happens, this can affect the mood of the parent(s), and other family members.

Another point to remember is that babies have not been designed with any aspirations, and the only way to know how your baby is actually feeling is to look at what color is shown behind their picture.

Just like human babies, Sim babies will require a lot of attention and social interaction. One of the main areas that will need to be satisfied with a Sim baby is its hygiene. If the baby’s diaper is changed, and they are regularly given baths, then this can alleviate the problem. It will be important to continually change the baby’s diaper using the changing table, or dirty diapers will be everywhere.

Other areas that will be necessary to take care of with your Sim baby are its hunger needs. Like all babies, Sim babies will require a bottle to be taken from the fridge. If these bottles are left lying around the house after the baby has eaten, they can quickly start to create an odor, and disturb the environment facto for the other Sims.

The fun and social needs for your Sim baby can easily be taken care of by spending time talking to and playing with the baby. If the baby is neglected it will be taken away, especially if you forget to feed it or allow its energy level to become to low. Resting the baby in its crib is the sure way to restore its energy levels, and yours…Enjoy!

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