How To Take Care Of Your Sims 2 Child - Tips For Caring For Children in The Sims 2 PC Game

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After about eight days, the Sim Toddler then matures into a Child. The great thing about a Sim Child is that it has to go to school everyday of the working week. Like regular children, any aspirations they have will pertain to school and their social lives. If it is in their personality, they will want to achieve higher grades, and graduate from school.

Like the Sim toddlers, Sim children will still aspire to get to the next level in their Sim life, and they will be affected by comfort and environmental need like the older Sim levels.

The life of the Sim child is not very complicated, as it will mainly involved them going to school. It is a good idea to help them progress in school by buying a bookcase, and letting them read or study. This will help improve their skills levels. Depending on their personality Sim children will be keen to spend hours doing their homework, and getting them to ask their parent or older sibling for help with their homework, can improved the child’s social meter. They will also have unique toys that can be purchased for them to help increase their skill level.

Children will often invite a friend home from school, and this can help increase their socialization. By inviting a friend home, this can increase the friendship meter and start the Sim child towards becoming friends with their classmate. It is also possible for the Sim child to have a friend sleepover. Since they are too young, Sim children cannot be involved romantically.

In terms of taking care of your Sim child, it will be important that all their needs be met, but also any activities surrounding school is satisfied. For example, they interact with friends from school, and spend time doing school homework. Homework is given daily, and if the child fails to do their home their grades will decrease.

This can affects the Sim child’s mood if they continually fall in their grades, as they aspire to do well in school. If their grades become so bad that they end up with a Fail, then a social worker can remove them from the home.

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