How To Take Care of Your Sims 2 Toddler - Tips for Taking Care of Toddlers in The Sims 2 PC Game

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Once four days have passed, your Sim baby transforms into a Sim toddler. There are a few differences between a Sim baby and a Sim toddler.

Now that the baby is a toddler, the one difference is that the gamer is now able to control the toddler, whereas this was not possible with it was a baby. Previously, where it was not possible to have the baby affected by its environment, the toddler will now be affected if they are not comfortable, of if the environment is not perfect.

The Sim toddler will still need to interact with the parent and siblings just as much as the Sim baby. If the toddler is neglected in any way, a social worker is able to come to the house and remove the child.

Toddlers will at first move around by crawling, until they are talk to walk. They will try to aspire to grow up just like their older siblings, or adults Sims.

There is a noticeable difference in the amount of interaction between a Sim baby and a Sim toddler. Toddlers will have the ability to ask a parent or older sibling to perform a task for them. For example, they can ask to be read to or played with.

The main goal with having a Sim toddler will be to interact with them as much as possible. This social interaction is not just the general interaction reserved for child and teenaged Sims. A lot of the interaction involving Sim toddlers will involve training them.

Since they have recently moved out of diapers, the Sim toddler will need to be trained to use the potty. There is a potty that has to be purchased, and the toddler can be trained to go to the bathroom alone.

Another Sim will also have to teach the child how to talk. Without learning this, they will not be able to effectively communicate with their parents or other siblings, and will not be able to properly fulfill their aspirations.

Learning to walk is another task your toddler will have to learn, and it is a great way to improve the social interaction between the toddler and the Sim parent. However, keep in mind that a Sim toddler is not able to climb up the stairs by themselves. They will need to be lifted.

Toddlers also have unique gifts that can be purchased for them to use during playtime. These toys will help them with learning to think logically or be more creative – skills they will need later in life!

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