How To Take Care Of Your Sims 2 Teenager - Tips On Looking After Your Sims 2 Teenager

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There is quite a shift between children and teenagers within Sims 2. Sim teenagers will have all of the normal aspirations just like adults, and it will be necessary to fulfill any aspirations they might have.

They still have to attend school, but school is two hours shorter for them, compared to Sim children. Unlike a Sim child, the life of a Sim teenager will not only revolve around school. A Sim teenager is able to have a career aspiration, and they will start at a higher level in their job if they successfully go to a private school. They will have homework, and will need to spend time studying. Anyone who has ever tried to convince a human teenager to study or do homework will not be surprised that within the Sims this is also difficult.

Therefore, a Sim teenager’s grades can go on the decline if they are reluctant to study or do homework. It is possible for them to go to University, if you have that expansion pack installed.

Teenagers are able to function entirely on their own, and they are a great way of learning how deal with Sims before they become an adult. Sim teenagers are into socializing with their friends, and can date and have romantic relationships with other teenagers. Sim teenagers are able to go to parties, and will need to ask permission from their parents. However, if they fail to ask permission and still go to the party, then it is possible for the police to catch them when they try to return to the house at around four in the morning. In some instances, their parent can catch them as they try to return to the house after they have snuck out for a party.

Sim teenagers will need a higher level of socialization to keep them happy. They will often invite friends home from school, and will want to spend a lot of time playing or chatting on the computer. It is great for them to have a girlfriend or boyfriend, and they are only allowed to “Go Steady” or experience their first kiss. They are not able to get married.

Sim teenagers cannot be removed by a social worker, but they can voluntarily choose to “run away”. This only happens when they are not able to get along with anyone they are living with. The police can be called within a day, and this should bring the Sim teenager back - if you want them back, that is!

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