How To Look After Children In The Sims 2 – Tips On Taking Care of Your Sims 2 Adults & Elders

Sims 2 Adults

Once the Sim has reached twenty-nine days, they will become a Sim Adult. There is a slight difference between a Sim teenager and a Sim Adult.

Once twenty-nine days have passed, your Sim adults ransforms into an elder. This is only a difference between a Sim adult and a Sim Teen. As a Sim Adult they will stop going to school, and have the full ability to aspire to progress in their career. Unlike Sim Teens, they can move a romantic relationship beyond kissing and going steady, and can have a wedding and get married.

Since they have recently moved out of Sim Teen-life, Sim Adults will need to pursue certain skills to help them progress in their careers. There will also be various decisions at work that will affect their mood, salary, or performance.

Without learning the proper skills they needed as a Child or Teen, the Sim Adult will carry any bad habits with them into their adult life. This will also affect adults, as they become elders.

The Sim adult will need to interact with their friends, spouses, and children. This will help increase their social meter. One of the quickest ways to make them depress would be to withhold them from social interaction.

Overall, the tasks for the gamer when the Sim has matured into adulthood, would be to satisfy the wants for their Sim, and help them avoid any fears. The Sim Adult will constantly strive towards their aspiration, while the gamer tries his or her best to fulfill their basic needs. They will take any aspiration with them into Elderhood.

Sims 2 Elders

There is no fixed timeframe for a Sim to remain an elder. They will have the same basic needs that need to be fulfilled. The elder can retire from work by just picking up the phone and giving work a call to retire. If they do retire, they also have the ability to later re-enter the workforce. When they become deceased, their family members will receive an inheritance from them.

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