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Guide to Death Fish in The Sims 3

by: Sheri Newton ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Fishing in The Sims 3 is fun and can allow you to cook special items such as ambrosia. Find out where to go and how to catch the death fish in The Sims 3 and what you can do with the special fish in this guide.

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    The Sims 3 Death Fish in Bowl Fishing in “The Sims 3" is a fun way for Sims to make money from a hobby that they enjoy. Sims can even turn fishing into the Angler profession if they enjoy it so much. Fishing also is great for chefs and those who like having cool fish to add to their fish bowls. The Sims 3 Death fish is one of the more interesting fish that can be caught and this guide will explain everything you need to know about it!

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    Where to Find The Sims 3 Death Fish and How to Catch It

    Fish can only be caught if they are in the spot your Sim is fishing at. The death fish in The Sims 3 neighborhoods can be hard to find if you don’t know where to look. Where are ghosts (and some vampires) at? The graveyard! This is also the place where you can catch the elusive death fish between the hours of 7PM and 6AM.

    The Sims 3 Death Fish at Graveyard Your Sim can’t just show up at the graveyard at 8PM and expect to catch a death fish in The Sims 3 with just a lure though. They will need to have reached a level 9 fishing skill and also have read the book “Fishing for the Dead: Death fish and Vampire fish on the Line" which costs $12,000 Simoleons from the local bookstore. If your Sim is a Sims 3 celebrity, they will probably get a discount, otherwise try going on a day when the bookstore is having a sale.

    To actually catch the death fish in The Sims 3, you will also need to have Angelfish for your bait of choice to entice the strange little fish to be caught. You can catch Angelfish with Alley Catfish in both fresh and salt water. Just inspect the water to see if it is at the spot you want to fish at.

    You can of course stock ponds if you want them to have a certain type of fish, but first you must have 10 of the specific type of fish to stock the pond. If you fish 10 of The Sims 3 death fish, this is a very good idea because you can then catch this fish at any time of the day at the place you stocked the fish at.

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    What to do with The Sims 3 Death Fish

    The Sims 3 Death Fish for Ambrosia After you catch The Sims 3 Death fish, you can do a few things with it. Here are the options you have on using the fish in the game:

    Make The Sims 3 Ambrosia – you can cook the much sought after ambrosia dish which is so powerful it can even bring a ghost back to life! The death fish is one of the ingredients, the other one you will need is The Sims 3 life fruit.

    Put it in a Fish Bowl or Aquarium – you can choose to show off your little fishy and place it in a fish bowl or aquarium. You could even name it. Just don’t forget to feed your new Sims 3 pet – they die in aquariums if not taken care of!

    The Sims 3 Death Fish in Bowl Sell the Fish – you could sell The Sims 3 Death fish for $200 – 2,000 Simoleons each. Considering what else you could do with it, I wouldn’t suggest doing this.

    Mount the Fish – when a fish is in your Sim’s inventory, you can select to “Send to be Mounted." Doing so will cost a small fee, but you can then place the trophy of your big catch on a wall!

    Use as Fertilizer – you could use the death fish in The Sims 3 as fertilizer for your garden. However, this would be a very bad idea because it has a fertilizer grade of negative 200 and potency is at negative 800!

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    All screenshots and references from The Sims 3.

    Screenshots provided by Sheri Newton.