Guide to The Sims 3 True Blood Downloads

Guide to The Sims 3 True Blood Downloads
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True Blood Downloads for The Sims 3

Many players of “The Sims 3” enjoy re-creating their favorite books and TV series with their favorite characters. Here you can find out where you can download some of the best The Sims 3 True Blood downloads to create your own Bon Temps “True Blood” world.

Sookie Stackhouse

Sookie Stackhouse is the main character in the series, so most who want a “True Blood” world with The Sims 3 True Blood downloads start with her. Here are some great options for your very own The Sims 3 Sookie Stackhouse to add to your game.

Sookie Stackhouse (option 1) – this is a really pretty Sim to download. It does resemble the actress that plays Sookie, but the clothes don’t really match the character. This is easily changed in the game though by changing into some sexy clothes for The Sims 3.

Sookie Stackhouse (option 2) – this is a great option to download for your game too. The hairstyle matches Sookie better, but she does wear her hair in a ponytail often too. Perhaps change the hairstyle to be different for different outfits.

Sookie Stackhouse (option 3) – this is one of my favorite options of a Sookie Stackhouse download because it also has the Merlotte’s T-shirt that Sookie has to wear at work. This is also the one that I think looks the most like Anna Paquin (the actress who plays Sookie Stackhouse).

Sookie Stackhouse’s Home – (download) – Sookie’s house is a main spot in town for Sookie, so her house is a must-have. This is a really the best download for her house for your True Blood world.

Bill Compton

Sookie’s first vampire love was with Bill Compton, so naturally, he is the next “True Blood” character you will need to download.

The Sims 3 True Blood Bill Compton

Bill Compton (option 1) - this version of vampire Bill is for those who do not have “The Sims 3: Late Night” so he isn’t really one of the regular Sims 3 vampires you would find with that expansion pack. You can however turn him into one to make him an official vampire.

Bill Compton – (option 2) – this version of Bill Compton from True Blood is

Bill Compton – (option 3) – this Bill Compton comes as a Sim download and though he doesn’t look exactly like the actor, it is a good option for your game.

Bill Compton’s Home – (download) – Bill lives right next to Sookie, and a cemetery is between their houses (if you wanted to make it as close to fact as possible). This is one of the best The Sims 3 True Blood downloads for a home, so make sure you download this!

True Blood – The Sims 3 Eric Northman Download

Eric Northman is the sheriff of Area 5 in Louisiana and owns the vampire bar Fangtasia. He also becomes Sookie’s lover in the book series (hopefully in the HBO series too).

The Sims 3 True Blood Fangtasia

Eric Northman and Pam Ravenscroft (download) – Eric and his vampire “child” Pam live together and run Fangtasia. This is a great The Sims 3 Eric Northman download because it does look like them and includes them both!

Fangtasia – (download) - this is really a perfect download for your game. If you are looking to add in a new vampire bar for “The Sims 3” or love “True Blood” this is really a must download! The creator really did a superb job with this!

Sam Merlotte

The Sims 3 Merlottes Bar and Grill

Sam Merlotte is one of Sookie’s friends, and he also happens to be her boss at Merlotte’s Bar and Grill where she is a waitress.

Sam Merlotte - (download) – this is the best download I have found for Sam Merlotte to add to your “The Sims 3” game. It looks very similar to the actor that plays Sam and even dresses like him too.

Merlotte’s Bar and Grill – (download) – this is the best download of the bar that I’ve found. It also works as a dive bar in “The Sims 3: Late Night.” It looks like the bar and best of all – it works for your game!

More True Blood Downloads for The Sims 3

The other characters in True Blood are not as easy to find great downloads for. They are there, but many just don’t cut it. These are some that would work quite nice in your game, but if they aren’t good enough for you, you will have to just make some sexy Sims 3 characters yourself.

Jason Stackhouse – (download) – Sookie’s brother should be added into the game too if you want to setup your town to have characters from “True Blood” in it. This is the best version I found of him.

Tara Thornton – (download) – Sookie’s best-friend (on the show) is Tara, so this is another good Sim to add to your game.

Lafayette Reynolds – (download) – even though his character is killed in the book series, he lives on in the HBO series, so go ahead and download your favorite bar chef in Bon Temps too!

Vampire Fangs Shirt – this is a must have download for your game if you like vampires. It is also the cover that was on Season 1 of “True Blood.”

Caution: The Sims 3 Eric Northman and all customized content to your game could cause conflicts or errors, so always be sure to check it if it works with your game and know how to uninstall something before you download it.


All screenshots and references from The Sims 3 and the website preview of the downloads.

Screenshots provided by the writer.