The Sims 3 Vampires

The Sims 3 Vampires
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Becoming a Vampire

Becoming a vampire in The Sims 3 Late Night is not terribly difficult. The Sims 3 vampires are simply made by other already-existing vampires biting a normal sim who is a young adult or older. Therefore, the first step to becoming a creature of the night is to locate a vampire. Check the high-end clubs for a quick find or wait around town and eventually you will run into a nightwalker–maybe even in the middle of the day. Vampires can be identified by their typical pale skin and glowing eyes. However, if you just can’t seem to tell by physical appearance there are other hints. If your sim suddenly gets a “Hunted” moodlet, a vampire is nearby. Scan the area and see if you can find a sim that fits the vampiric description. If you still aren’t sure, talk with the sim you suspect and then check your sim’s relationship panel. If a sim is a vampire, their portrait in the relationship panel is outlined in red.

Now that your sim has located a vampire, you need to convince the vampire to turn your sim. To do this, you must build the relationship between your sim and the vampire. When you ask the vampire to turn you, the vampire will either refuse with a shake of the head or agree. However, The Sims 3 vampires will not turn a sim for the entire neighborhood to see. Rather, the vampire will suggest a more private spot. You can then go to the map and choose to travel to the suggested spot with the vampire. Once there the vampire will bite your sim and disappear. Your sim will not immediately turn into a vampire. Rather, your sim will go through a couple days of feeling strange and then finally become a vampire.

Once your sim is a vampire, they can turn other sims if the relationship is high enough. However, children, teens, ghosts, mummies and SimBots cannot be turned into vampires. If a vampire mates, however, it is possible that the child will be born with the hidden vampire trait and automatically turn into a vampire when they reach young adulthood. Vampirism is not necessarily a lifelong condition. If a sim decides being a vampire is unappealing, they can get a cure at the local science facility.

Benefits of Vampirism: Physical

The Sims 3 vampires have some definite advantages over normal sims, including the ability to fight and increased abilities during nighttime hours. When involved in a physical altercation with another sim, a vampire will rarely lose even if the opposing sim has the maximum skill points in athletics or martial arts. Perhaps due to their physical strength, vampires in The Sims 3 do not ever get the “Sore” or “Fatigued” moodlet from working out. However, physical strength is only one advantage vampires have over ordinary sims.

The Sims 3 vampires are not ageless as some vampires are. However, they do age slower. Only young adult and older sims can be true vampires, but once a sim is a vampire the young adult and adult life stages are longer than a normal sim’s lifespan. The elder stage, however, remains the same.

Benefits of Vampirism: Mental

The Sims 3 vampire has a mental acuity unmatched by ordinary sims–at least at night. In fact, at night vampires learn skills at a rate double that of a typical sim. Further, children or teen sims with the hidden vampire trait finish homework much quicker than typical sims. As if the faster skill acquisition and homework completion were not enough, The Sims 3 vampire also has the ability to affect the romantic feelings of other sims and read the minds of other sims at night. Vampires are successful with romantic interactions more often than not and can even use a new social interaction exclusive to vampires, which is the “Think About Me” interaction. When a vampire uses this on a sim, the influenced sim begins to think about the vampire often resulting in an improved relationship between the sim and vampire and serving as a perfect way to move a relationship beyond the friend stage. To further assist the vampire in romantic endeavors, the vampire has the ability to read the mind of another sim, simply choosing which information to discover about another sim without even talking. This enables the vampire to find out valuable information about another sim in order to tailor a conversation to those discoveries.

The Down Side of the Dark Side

The Sims 3 vampire can walk in daylight

The Sims 3 vampire is not without their disadvantages. While a vampire can be awake during the day and even walk around in the daylight, doing so has some negative side effects. Staying outside for a bit will result in a negative “Heating Up” moodlet, which turns to the “Too Much Sun” moodlet to further negatively influence the vampire’s mood. If the player chooses to ignore the negative impact of the sun on the vampire and keep them in the sun, the vampire will eventually pass out.

As a vampire, the choices of food are severely limited. First, vampires cannot stand garlic. If your vampire eats garlic they will pass out and stay passed out for a few hours. In fact, vampires in The Sims 3 are so sensitive to garlic they cannot even drink blood from a sim who has the “Garlic Breath” moodlet without passing out and even kissing a sim with the “Garlic Breath” moodlet will most often result in the “Nauseous” moodlet. If your sim is so starving they eat garlic, don’t count on the food helping with the starvation. A vampire does not have a Hunger meter, as it is replaced with a Thirst meter when the sim becomes a vampire. The only way to fill the Thirst meter is through feeding off another sim or from plasma fruit or plasma juice. Plasma juice can be bought at the store, while plasma fruit should arrive in your sim’s mailbox when they become a vampire. Plasma fruit or juice is the best food for a vegetarian vampire, as such a vampire will get the “Nauseous” moodlet if they feed from another sim. If a vampire goes too long without feeding they will die, turning into a pile of ashes.

Drinking Blood

The Sims 3 expansion pack vampires drink from other sims.

Vampires in The Sims 3 expansion pack, Late Night, have a social “Drink” interaction that allows them to feed off other sims who are not pregnant, ghosts, mummies, SimBots or other vampires. However, in order for this interaction to be successful, the vampire must have a high enough relationship with the other sim. If the sim is friends with your vampire, your vampire may feed from the sim’s wrist. However, if there are romantic feelings between the sim and the vampire, the vampire may feed from the sim’s neck. Feeding from a sim improves the relationship between the vampire and the sim, while giving the vampire a positive “Sated” moodlet and the sim a negative “Weakened” moodlet in the Late Night Sims 3 expansion pack.

The Sims 3 expansion pack vampires do not have the hunger meter

A vampire may hunt to find an adequate food source by clicking on the lot your vampire is currently on and choosing the “Hunt” interaction. The vampire will then scan the sims in the area and will identify which sims have the best quality blood to offer. When a sim with exceptional blood is found, the sim will be marked on the map with an icon to allow the vampire to track the food source. When the vampire drinks from these sims, they receive an additional positive moodlet and the Thirst bar fills quicker.

Plasma Fruit

For the vegetarian vampire or the vampire who simply can’t find a good sim to feed off, plasma fruit–a new harvestable introduced in The Sims 3 expansion pack, Late Night–fills the Thirst meter. Your sim will obtain a plasma fruit in the mailbox when turned into a vampire, but may also obtain the fruit at the store or growing wild in neighborhoods with vampires. Sims may plant the plasma fruit to yield more, higher-quality plasma fruits. Additionally, if a player owns the World Adventures expansion, sims may use plasma fruit to make unique nectar that benefits vampires. Normal sims that eat plasma fruit will become ill, while young vampires who are born into vampirism and have the hidden vampire trait can eat the fruit without getting ill.

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